Choosing the right pillow

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 April 2016

How to choose the pillow in the bedroom that would sleep sweetly?The market bedding, there is a considerable choice of pillows with different fillings.This wool, down, buckwheat husks, artificial feathers, komforel.What filler choose the pillow?

Feather pillows

have a cushion filler is bird feather, swan's down, or a mixture thereof.Pooh for pillows taken from the feathers of waterfowl, and is the warm filling.It protects birds from freezing cold and sweltering heat on.A feather, coming into contact with each other to form a layer of air, creating a reliable thermal insulation.Saving heat, down to freely evaporate excess moisture.Pillows made of fluff has a large volume and low weight.After a brief contraction, she soon returned to its previous volume.

pillows filled with natural sheep wool

These pillows are obtained with light, soft and warm.Wool mutual friction fibers create an electrostatic field, a good effect on the human condition.Th
is is due to a special crimp wool fibers.Located between the fibers of the smallest air pockets, creating a thermal stabilization layer.Actually however the pillows from sheep's wool, it is nice to sleep in the heat and cold.

may be noted that wool is a healing material.It has long been used in preventive and curative purposes.Pain in the joints, back muscles, rheumatic diseases - diseases that it effectively prevents and eliminates the wool.

pillows filled with "buckwheat husk┬╗

cushion with buckwheat husk - a unique vehicle.He is able to adapt to the profile of the body is resting and doing unobtrusive acupressure.Buckwheat husk supports energy muscle activity contributes to the work of the musculoskeletal system, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Filler "komforel┬╗

Komforel is a silicon fiber, Heat treated.As a result, it is converted into pellets of 7 mm.In diameter.Antibiotic treatment protects the fiber komforelya from bacteria and mites.Even repeated washing does not destroy the antibacterial properties of the product.

Pillows with komforelem have many positive attributes.They have an internal thermoregulation - keeping you warm, and do not interfere with air circulation.

Pillows are easy to clean - easy to wash by hand and in the washing machine, then quickly dry.Perfectly retain their shape, do not cause allergic reactions.They have a long service life without loss of quality.

pillow with artificial swan's down

People who prefer gentle and soft ware, choose pillows with substitute swansdown.Artificial swan's down is made up of hollow fine fibers that keep the air around you.Pillows wonderful breathe while maintaining its softness.Fluff treated with silicone, thereby moving fibers independently of each other.What makes the filler does not cake, does not get off, keep their shape.