First Aid (Continued)

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 April 2016

burns are thermal and chemical.There are several degrees of burns.The most mild - this is the first.At this stage, enough treated skin antiozhogovymi means.If a person does not lose consciousness, his condition is maintained ammonia.You can give a cold salted water.At the second degree bubbles are formed which can not be opened.On the damaged area impose a sterile bandage.Damaged skin can not handle fat, green paint or alcohol.At the 3rd degree affected need urgent medical attention.To ease his pain, give the patient pain medication and body covered with white sheets.

Man with chemical burns should be immediately hospitalized.Chemical burns to self-medicate at home is very dangerous, because not everyone knows about the compatibility and incompatibility of chemicals and other any trains.For example, quick lime can not be removed from the skin with water.It is possible to remove a piece of cotton or a clean cloth.For greater security, a cotton swab moistened with vegetable oil.Not everyone knows tha
t when a mild burn to remove a localized pain and burning will help shredded tea leaves or green tea leaf.

If time does not help a person exposed to an electric current, he could die.First-aid measures should be carried out quickly.Do not grasp the most affected, or fall under the influence of a current.In - First, you need to exclude the impact of the current.Do it objects without conducting electricity.This rubber, wood, plastic.If the person is unconscious, do rescue breathing and chest compressions.We need to free the chest, the victim was easier to breathe.

burns treated with no electricity!The damaged portion is covered with a clean cloth.The victim was brought to the hospital necessarily at rest.

If frostbite is necessary to warm the person.This should be done gradually.Before you enter into a warm room, the victim must be a good wrap.As its warming warm clothes should be removed to prevent overheating of the damaged tissues.The patient should be given hot tea and put to bed.Frostbitten areas should not rub with snow or anything else!They can not be anything to smear!If the degree of frostbite small, can make a gentle massage of the damaged areas.With strong frostbite blisters appear.They can not be opened.If there watery swelling or discoloration of the skin occurs, the patient should consult a doctor immediately.

at various kinds of poisoning should be assisted before the arrival of doctors.Man, poisoned by gas, it is necessary to quickly remove to fresh air.Release chest.If he is unconscious and went into cardiac arrest, it is necessary to do artificial respiration.The room should be well ventilated.Very strong toxicosis may result from bee or snake bite.When the bee sting you need to remove the stinger.You can attach a cabbage leaf.Sometimes the temperature may rise, appear nausea.In this case it is better to consult a doctor.In order to alleviate the condition of the victim, put him to bed, poite plenty of fluids.To place the bite can be applied cold.With numerous bee stings can develop heart failure.In this case, you can give the patient a heart medication in drops.Massive swelling, redness of the skin, shortness of breath suggest allergies.The patient must take anti-allergic drugs.When an allergy is better to consult a doctor.As a result of bites may develop shock.The patient should be put to bed, give heart medications, call a physician.In severe cases, possible cardiac arrest and loss of breath.It must be skillfully conduct resuscitation.

If bitten by a snake, you must apply a tourniquet above the bite to stop the further spread of the venom.Tourniquet applied for no longer than 2 hours!The victim should be given hot tea and take him to the hospital.

very difficult to keep track of small children.They try to try on a tooth everything that comes their hands on.If a child has swallowed something, first of all, calm down, do not panic.Otherwise, you will scare the child.It may be a bad cough - it's not scary.You can gently pat the baby's back.If there is choking, you should seek medical advice.

shock is the result of strong traumas, wounds, burns, loss of large amounts of blood, under the influence of harmful substances.The shock resulting from injury, as follows: the patient experiencing severe pain, falls into a fever pitch.Then comes the strong inhibition of all vital functions.Pressure drops, disconnected from all the organs work, the person is in a state close to death.First aid for traumatic shock is primarily in the elimination of its causes: haemorrhage, pain relief.The patient should lie so that he did not feel pain.If this is not possible, give him painkillers.If there is no such drugs, the victim can give a little vodka or alcohol, but that it is necessary to inform your doctor.Very good to the patient in a state of shock given hot tea and heart medications.The patient can not be bothered to behave as quietly as possible.In severe cases proceed to resuscitation (artificial respiration and indirect heart massage).Sometimes there is a question of blood transfusion.This is necessary as a result of anemia, shock, poisoning.But you need to know that the blood can not be transfused in diseases of the kidney, liver, heart, brain haemorrhage.

nosebleeds When the patient can not be laid, otherwise it may choke.It should sit in a reclining position so that blood does not leak into the oral cavity.On the nose put a chill.If the blood does not stop, lay in the nose cotton swabs soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, tilt the head to the knees.Many people do not give much importance to nosebleeds.And it is in vain, because such bleeding can be caused by various diseases (heart disease, infectious diseases of the blood).Sometimes, nosebleeds can be a very abundant, and need to know what to do in such cases.Another way to stop the bleeding: pinch nostrils, the patient leaned forward to lift her head up.If all the measures fail, the patient hospitalized immediately.

Ear bleeding is also very dangerous.In order to stop him in the ear gently put cotton wool and put a bandage on his ear.The patient was brought to the hospital.

Pulmonary hemorrhage is the result of trauma or tuberculosis.It appears cough with frothy blood.The patient must be in a half-sitting position, it is necessary to ensure free access of air.The patient should not move.On his chest he had to put ice and taken to hospital.When transporting the need to take special care.First aid for bleeding into the chest cavity is necessary to provide the same as in the lung.It manifests shortness of breath, skin gradually becomes pale with a bluish tint.

stomach bleeding may be caused by trauma, gastric ulcer, burn.It is dangerous that is not immediately.First person experiences weakness, sweating heavily, becoming pale.Then begins vomiting blood or "coffee grounds", a chair and a dark liquid.The patient in this case should be immediately put to bed, create absolute peace.He may be thirsty, but eating and drinking is strictly prohibited!On the abdomen, place cold and immediately send the patient to the hospital.Bleeding in the abdomen can be caused by trauma, ruptures of internal organs.The patient feels pain in the abdomen, the abdomen feels hard, frequent pulse, possible unconsciousness.The victim should be put on the back, on the abdomen and put a chill urgently hospitalized.

When a fit of epilepsy is important to quickly help.The patient could be seriously injured, as he himself has no control.Under the head put something soft, put something between your teeth to the patient is not biting his tongue.

in hysterical fit of the patient is conscious but can not restrain myself.The attack can be quite long.First aid is the following: take him away from the big crowds, we can give a soothing or sweet water, to smell the ammonia and rub his temples.

Fainting occurs as a result of acute circulatory failure, fear, physical activities, and more.People suffering from frequent fainting can feel it coming.They feel nausea, weakness, dark veil before the eyes.A man fell into a swoon, you have to put so that the head was slightly lower than the body.Give to smell ammonia.After the person regains consciousness, give him hot tea.