Kefir diet

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 April 2016

so many women inherent in fad diets and even if it is not such a big fan of weight loss, you probably at least once in your life try to limit food.The abundance of various diets is not transmitted calculus.There are both simple diet and complex as cheap, and expensive, both short and long.

But some fans of a healthy diet is becoming popular new diet group, which is based there yogurt.

long been aware of the beneficial properties of kefir and its effect on the human body.Apart from the fact that yogurt has beneficial effects on the intestine, it also has a positive and calming effect on the nervous system, blood vessels, and has a restorative effect after illness, and more.Therefore, in many diets, developed by nutritionists, yogurt is an integral component of their.

After all, every woman wants her skin for a long time remained a velvety and tender, but it does try.First of all, you should stop smoking, as well as the need to know that drinking alcohol in larg
e quantities has a negative impact on the skin.You do not have to buy a breathalyzer enough to limit the use of wine 100 grams two or three times a week.In addition, it is best to limit sugar intake, eat less flour.

addition to diets in which one of the meals replaced with yogurt, there are so-called mono-diet kefir, which is good choice for those who let themselves be pampered at yesterday's feast.However, nutritionists proved that one overeating not lead to weight gain.And to return itself to its previous state after a heavy meal is not necessary to use a complicated kefir diet, which is used only yogurt throughout the day.For this we need about 1.5 liters of yogurt.

Such kefir diet helps to eliminate toxins from the body, but do not abuse them.

Even if you do not sit on a diet, but regularly eat yogurt, it will allow you a long time to keep your skin smooth and radiant, as well as to preserve the harmony of shapes.