On the healing baths and bath

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 April 2016

Everybody knows what a huge benefit of the body brings baths with infusions of various plants and grasses.For example, people with rheumatic fever, are advised to take a bath with a decoction of hay rot.The duration of the bath depends on the overall condition of the body.To resolve metabolism is useful to take a bath with salt (1 kg of salt per bath).

If you are tired at work, you have overcome domestic problems or just chafed, take a bath at night with a camomile (daisy flowers cover with water and simmer for 10-15 minutes, add the brothbath).Fatigue and nervousness as the arm lift.These baths are very useful for various inflammations.

Most kids who suffer from various skin irritation or rash, bathe in water with the addition of her infusion of the following collection of herbs: marjoram, marigold, succession and mother and stepmother (2 teaspoonseach herb 2-3 liters of hot water to insist a few hours).

People suffering from frequent pains in the kidneys and bl

adder, you need to take a bath with a decoction of horsetail.By itself, horsetail has disinfecting and healing effect, it can even be applied to the painful and does not heal the wound.

completely unique bath with decoction of pine cones and needles.It is literally a panacea for all ills.It helps with insomnia, improve heart function, ease the pain of rheumatism.The steam bath while taking this will give relief to patients with asthma and various lung diseases.

If you want to cheer up, take a warm bath or hot tea.To do this, the water before taking a bath Add infusion leaf tea (8 teaspoons of tea leaves to 250ml of boiling water to insist a few minutes), after a bath, your skin will be covered as if a light tan.

Very useful before going to the bath to prepare a special brew, which should be drunk before visiting a steam room.This brew increases sweating.To prepare kvass take 100g raspberry jam or dried berries raspberries and pour the boiling water.

help strengthen hair roots infusion of nettle leaves (2 teaspoons of crushed leaves in 1 cup boiling water).Use it to massage the skin and scalp not less than 2 times a week.You can for these purposes to use alcohol tincture of nettles, purchased at a pharmacy.

spring usually overcomes all depressed, plus also beriberi.In general, the condition is not a pleasant one.Daily morning sponging with cool water with salt (10 g of salt dissolved in 0.5 liters of water) will return you fit and in good mood.

full and healthy sleep is vital to every person to a healthy existence.Remember that the daily need for sleep is nine women, and men eight hours a day.