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22 April 2016

Herbal medicine - a treatment plants.More 200 years ago, the other one could not come up: the pharmaceutical industry did not exist.

Roots herbal medicine - in our past.For some, it is evidence of stagnation and unscientific.Supporters of this view include herbal medicine to "folk medicine" and put her bold cross.But if you look on the other hand, it turns out that for thousands of years the plants were the only drugs available to people.During this time, a person with them, "affinity".What is not surprising - after all, according to the nature, we have to serve food, plants and animals, not something artificially created.

People and plants have evolved during evolution together.Therefore, our ancestors knew at the genetic level, which the plant from which the disease helps - just as it is now known to our "smaller brothers".Over time, the descendants of the ancient people have lost this ability, but have learned to collect and analyze the experience of the use of various med
icinal plants.Today, this experience again in demand, and doctors phytotherapeutists getting bigger.Before them enormous scope: only in our country grows about 20 thousand species of plants, including traditional medicine uses only a tenth part, and studied in detail among them, and even less - only 500 species!

spoon of tar in a barrel of honey

treatment of cough, cold, stress management,prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases - all this is quite capable of herbal medicine.But, to put dry medical language, " octpye" state, especially those that pose a threat to human life (discomfort in the chest, sudden weakness, severe pain in the abdomen), "grass" is not a cure.It is also unwise to use herbal medicine in exacerbation of severe chronic diseases such as peptic ulcer or cholecystitis.And in fact, in both cases the forces of medicinal plants will not be enough to cope with such severe disabilities.If this were not so, doctors have never used drugs more serious than a "weed".

If a chemical is not fake pills or late - they will help.With herbs is much more complicated.No wonder our ancestors believed that the grass should be harvested in a "sacred place" and "secret time": in the early dawn, after the cock crowed, Ivan Kupala, the day of the Holy Trinity.Modern scientists have proved them right.Medicinal plants are the largest number of active substances contained in the flowering period.For many plants this is a hallowed tradition of secret days in late May - early June.Plants collected in the morning, contains more essential oils than those that disrupted the afternoon or in the evening.It appears, and microclimate also significantly affects medicinal power plants.The composition of the soil, altitude, humidity, amount of sunlight - it all depends on the development of certain substances in plant tissues.

It turns out that not every, for example, rose hips contain vitamin C, for which the berries of this plant to brew recommend to people with weakened immune systems.In particular, the rose, grown in the southern regions, almost completely devoid of this vitamin.Chamomile collected in Bulgaria, may not contain a substance chamazulene, which determines its therapeutic effect.At the same time in any way to test how effective is herbal, consumer practically can not.

The grass near the house: collect and harvested wisely

Many credibility of medicinal plantsboundless, especially - to the assembled yourself.If your family - are avid gardeners, certainly in our holiday village there is someone who zealously collects "tops and roots": in the woods, on the lawns, wherever necessary the grass grow, and perhaps you yourself stocking up on all of this for the future.But keep in mind why it is so is that often herbs are growing most rapidly along highways and railroads and under power lines.That's where they accumulate doses of heavy metals and other harmful "chemistry."Treatment with herbs will be a minimum and a maximum of useless - dangerous.The right thing that you need to buy herbs at the pharmacy.There they all passed special control.However, even these herbs without doctor's advice is better not to use: for the plant - the same moment with their medication side effects.