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22 April 2016

Massage is one of the relevant treatments and physiological effects on the reception.It can deliver without drugs and surgery to relieve of many diseases.Such as low back pain, scoliosis, spinal cord injuries, trauma of the affected muscles, ligaments and nerves.As a consequence of stroke, migraine , heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, peptic ulcer, indigestion longer require the attention of the intestines, bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma.

Massage provides healing process of damaged tissues, strengthens and normalizes blood circulation, also reduces swelling.It stimulates the nervous system tone, gives recovery in genital diseases and work on them.It gives massage effect on the surface areas of the human body.The impact goes through the hands or through the massage device.The basic techniques of massage is rubbing, kneading, vibration.The procedures require a long session for the desired effect.

basic techniques in Massage Therapy. Grab the muscle between the palm a
nd fingers.Slightly lift and squeeze.This skin does not catch much.Massaging slowly and rhythmically.Make it fifteen times in twenty seconds.Then slowly run your hand along the entire length of the muscle.Doing repetitive motion.In this technique, you can use any massage oil.Without taking his hands to massage with light pressure.When do you need to massage gently around painful places to work out the points coming from the tendon to painful joints.Total massage technique sensitivity occurs randomly, so you can learn all the techniques of self-massage.As a rule, they are simple and doable.Stroking the palm areas of the body can be several times, they begin to massage and finish.

can also work through the pads of the thumbs, palms, back of the hand.With oil massage will be a pleasant and easy.To iron parts of the body can be a slow and rhythmic pace with small or broken girth.Rubbing can be performed with both hands, fingers, thumb hill.Trituration is done in different ways, the effectiveness of massage is increased only.Running a circular motion and rectilinear.Kneading a strong reception and massages.It is done with both hands in the longitudinal direction of the circular.Pulling up a muscle squeezing, squeeze it.It is worth remembering that kneading should not be painful.Vibration is the transfer of vibrational motions in massaging areas, making rhythmically keeping hands.It can be easy to do with the swing or rocking tremors.The same can be attributed to the vibration techniques shaking.When shaking muscles relaxed and thumb and ring fingers make quick movements.Resembling a whipping test or pillows.Weak brush strokes applied to the auxiliary methods of contraction, and the back of the hand rubbing.Friction is edge of his hand, the contraction in the oblique direction several fingers.

Massage body parts. should begin with the head.The head is slightly tilted forward and downward.It rubs fingertips in a circle in a straight line.The forehead rubbing his fingertips from the middle of the forehead to the temples.Then, hold his hand in the nose, and then over the brow and temples.Just stroking your fingers and gently pressing with fingertips around the eyes and mouth.Vibration starts at the surface of the lips and cheeks.At the end is a few rotational movements of the head.The face is massaged twice a week.

neck massage. The massage uses kneading, rubbing, and also can be stroked.You need to stroke from the neck down with both hands.Use your fingertips to knead and pound.In the back of the head is held deep rubbing fingertips.Neck massage the hand from the chin to the clavicle.The carotid arteries and veins are not massaged.

back massage. The back massage can be sitting or standing.Can perform a right hand side of the left and right side of the left hand.Back so you can rub on a cross with the back of one hand, with fists.Gluteal muscles can be massaged both standing and lying down.To iron on the gluteal fold to the lower back.Pats on the gluteal muscles need two hands or one.

foot massage. In the supine position, thigh muscles begin to shake with both hands.Back muscle group performed standing.Fists well push weak muscles.The knee joint and lower leg muscles massaged one hand to apply the back of the hand, and then pat.Ankle, massage, sitting fingertips starting and ending friction palm.

Massage abdomen. Lie on your back and start rubbing her right hand around the navel, and then with your fingertips to make cross traffic.Fist to knock lightly on the chest.Finish the process by moving the hand clockwise.

Hand Massage. Many techniques can be done with hand massage.This kneading, rubbing.Very simple and easy techniques in execution.