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21 April 2016

Under normal circumstances, the body iron comes from food.It absorbed primarily in the duodenum and upper small intestine.The need for iron is increased during growth, pregnancy, blood losses (including during menstruation).Iron deficiency is also the case with achlorhydria (decreased secretion of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid), chronic diarrhea, after gastrectomy or gastric resection, with a variety of chronic blood loss, etc.

intensity of the absorption of iron depends on the iron deficiency in the body.The deficit is higher, the absorption of the active.It is important to remember that can help or hinder the absorption of iron.Hindered - high content of dietary calcium, phosphorus, phytic acid (nuts, oats, etc.), various systemic administration of antacids and reduced acidity.Contribute hydrochloric, succinic, ascorbic acid cobalt.Already of the above it is clear that the insulated reception of various compounds of iron (iron chloride, iron sulfate, iron polyacrylat
e, iron gluconate, iron lactate, etc.) may be effective.Alternatively, these drugs need to be used together with ascorbic acid, or combination therapies to use.

The combination of drugs, in addition to vitamin C, may include other components.Therefore, we recommend to take such complex preparations as Tardiferon, Ferropleks, Fenyuls and others.If you have a gastric secretory deficiency (hypo and anatsidnyh gastritis), and such drugs may also be ineffective, because it is in the presence of hydrochloric acid is converted to the reduced iron chloride, iron oxide - just a form, which is absorbed by the body.In such situations, a simple and combined iron preparations should be taken at the same time pharmacy hydrochloric acid (10 drops to a glass of water).And it is in any case should not drink milk iron supplements - you simply will reduce to zero the possibility of their absorption of iron by the body.

And another point to which you should pay attention - this is the duration of the reception.According to modern concepts iron preparations should be taken at least four - six months.Only then can we be sure that the body created an ample supply of this element.Unfortunately, we have applied to the Russian methods for determining serum iron in no way talking about the value of these stocks.In cases when previously underwent surgery for stomach (partial resection or complete removal), and these recommendations may not lead to tangible results.

And this really is often necessary to observe, when a patient with anemia agastralnoy handfuls months drinks and tablets iron supplements - and completely without any effect.And blame is not so much the patient how doctor who thinks in this situation, the adequacy of their appointments.In such cases, the problem can be solved only with the aid of parenteral iron preparations, that is administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection.These are drugs like Ferrum-lek, Venofer, etc. Dekstrafer.