Treatment with leeches

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21 April 2016
Leeches as "healers" are known from 129 -199 BC.Even Galen and Avicenna, the ancient healers, who at that time already knew how to cook drugs, as well as making the operation even abdominal, in the treatment of svom used leeches.In ancient times, leeches were used in the treatment of joint disease, tuberculosis, epilepsy, liver disease, kidney and other diseases.Hirudotherapy, ieleech therapy due to biologically active substances such as hirudin, hyaluronidase, destabilase and others.
In connection with the development of medicine, treatment with leeches gradually ceased, but now on the rise again hirudotherapy.Opened training courses for health workers, proper application of leeches in practice.Leeches that apply only medical grown on biological factories.Leeches require a lot becauseIt is applied to the body once and then disposed of it.Consequently, it can not move to another patient the disease if it is there.It is as if, "disposable instruments like disposable syringes.
Leech unique animal and the uniqueness of it is that she is the point where you want to make a bite and cling to the body of the patient.At this time, the leech, the patient's blood through a bypass itself, produces saliva biologically active substances, which heals man increase metabolism, thereby rejuvenate the body.In addition, hirudotherapy restores the energy of the body, improves performance, reduces irritability, evokes the best qualities of the soul: love themselves and others, the joy of life, tolerance and other positive qualities.A very important application of leeches with increased thrombogenesis, since produces leech hirudin blood substance which has the property to liquefy blood, thereby preventing it from clotting. Another substance - distabiloza, dissolve clots already formed, thereby relieve pain and inflammation.
leech tends to anesthetize and strengthen the human immune system.If you attach a leech on the day, these "little doctor", is injected into the blood of a group of biologically active substances that reduce inflammation, relieve stress, have analgesic and immunostimulatory effects.The healing properties of leeches is not limited to this action, they help with urological diseases (prostate adenoma, prostatitis, kidney stone disease), gynecological (inflammation of the ovaries, adhesions, degeneration of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, infertility, inflammation of the pelvic organs) and other diseases.
Hirudotherapy helps virtually all diseases.Good results were obtained in the treatment of epilepsy, osteochondrosis, vertebral hernia, headaches, intracranial hypertension, radiculitis, neurosis, neuritis.You must know that girudoterapiya contraindicated in hemophilia (congenital incoagulability blood), severe anemia (decreased number of red blood cells), hemorrhagic diathesis, as well as pregnant women and patients with individual intolerance.
Consider therapeutic mechanisms girudoterapii.These are: bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, reflexogen, anti-ischemic, anti-sclerotic, regenerative (stimulating) neyrostimuliruyuschy, energoterapevtichesky.Leech therapy has a beneficial effect on the entire body, uluchaetsya appetite, increases metabolism, increases immunity.
Leeches are bred in special biological stations, and not caught in the ponds, as they must be clean and hungry, then they are sold in pharmacies.During a session of hungry leeches put on the area that is bothering the patient: the heart, the liver, the affected vessels.Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician, as the doctor will determine how much you need to put on a particular area.
At present, all over the world once again began to apply treatment with leeches, and it's not a fad, but is really a sign of wise use of natural "healers" for the good of the people.