Immunity silver water

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 April 2016

There are many different methods of preparation of silver water.The easiest is the following.Take any silver, dip it in boiling water and leave for a few hours.The liquid obtained in this way will have a weak effect.It is recommended to use in any number of children and adults as a preventive measure.

Another method of obtaining silver water is as follows.Take any jewelry made of pure silver, wash it and boil in an enamel saucepan until the water in the pan does not boil away half.Then leave the liquid for two hours.After this time, the solution is ready for use.Such water can already be used for medicinal purposes: it is recommended to drink half a cup 15 minutes before a meal every day for a month.

For the preparation of silver water, I recommend to buy purified water containing natural sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium,at the level of 100-500 mg / dm 3 .If you are using the tap water, it is necessary to give it to stand
for four hours, as it contains a lot of chlorine.

to get water with a higher concentration of silver ions used Ionator.In 1995 at a factory in Moscow was established silver ion generator, called "George" in honor of St. George.This device has successfully passed clinical trials in a military hospital.Today on sale there is a lot of devices of this type, but the price they have high enough.So I share your own experiences and discuss how to make ionator at home.

Take an ordinary battery (better if it is rectangular).On the battery terminals with an awl or a thick needle holes proceed.Next to the plate with a "+" sign, attach any article of silver, and to the plate with the sign "-" - the handle of a teaspoon.That's it: elementary ionator ready.

to the unit earned, lower product silver handle of a teaspoon of water.DC liquid rapidly enriched with silver ions.Once you see that the product is covered with a silver whitish cloud, get out of the water.Silver Water is ready.After the water will stand for three hours, you can use it.

In order to obtain a liquid low concentration, it is necessary to keep ionator half a minute to three-liter jar with water.If you hold on the unit for three minutes, giving a solution of average concentration.To get strong ionized water, you need to take one liter of water and act on it the device for about five minutes.This zhikost is recommended for external use only.For example, a gargle for sore throat, nasal instillation for the flu and skin diseases.

during use of the instrument silver product darkens.It can be easily cleaned tooth paste or powder.


known that silver is a potent immunomodulator, comparable with steroids.Under the influence of the silver ions increases the amount of immunoglobulins in the blood and lymphocytes.In other words, silver ions rapidly activate the protective function of the body.

For prophylaxis is recommended each time to use mineral water enriched with silver ions.Currently, this water can be bought in a store.

If your body is weakened by illness or you feel that you become sick, you need to drink home-cooked liquid medium concentration.I remind you that it can be prepared by boiling silverware or exposure to water Ionator for three minutes.

treatment. Adults are advised to take 1/2 cup silver water 2 times a day, children - 1/3 cup 2 times a day.

At a time when the body lacks vitamins or you are highly susceptible to changing weather conditions, it is necessary to support the bodytake the silver water of low concentration.You can get it by lowering the silver product in boiling water for a few hours, or working on it for half a minute Ionator.

treatment. Adults and children useful thread for a 1/2 cup water 3 times a day before meals.You can add a solution of ascorbic acid, which will increase the healing properties of silver water.