What will help with dysbacteriosis

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20 April 2016
Means, used for the treatment of dysbiosis, can be divided into three groups: drugs, dietary supplements (dietary supplements), specialized food.Many of them are not only treated but could prevent the disease, so they can be used for preventing dysbiosis.
Probiotics - it concentrates the bacteria of normal microflora of a healthy bowel.They are usually administered after treatment with antibiotics, for the prevention of pancreatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver (goiter - an indispensable companion of these diseases), after removal of the gallbladder - (2 times a year for 3-4 weeks), gastric ulcer, as well asskin problems or diseases, which are often accompanied by (cause) dysbiosis.
Probiotics: bifidumbakterin, colibacterin bifikol, Linex.
eubiotics not only inhabit the intestines of normal microflora, but also inhibit the development of harmful bacteria, while, in contrast to antibiotics, they do not "touch" the beneficial bacter
ia.They are traditionally prescribed for diarrhea and intestinal infections, and if found in the intestine pathogenic flora.
eubiotics: baktisubtil, biosporin, enterol.
Adsorbents absorbed from the intestine gases and toxins that tend to be formed at a dysbacteriosis.Usually, a specially treated charcoal of vegetable or animal origin.
Adsorbents: activated carbon or a more efficient Polyphepanum.
enveloping means contain special substances that, getting into the stomach and intestines, create on their walls, and a protective film prevents the penetration of toxins from the intestinal contents.
enveloping means: almagel neo, smectite, Maalox, Aluminium phosphate gel, a decoction of flaxseed.
Almagel Neo .Further absorbent and the coating steps, possesses the ability to lower enzymatic activity and acidity of gastric juice.Applied in the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity.
Smecta .It combines the properties of adsorbent and enveloping means.
Maalox .Neutralizes the acid in the stomach, relieves pain.It has a good taste.Available as a suspension, a powder and tablets.The suspension can be given to children 4 months.
Fosfalyugel .It has a shielding effect and analgesic, used in the high acidity of gastric juice.
WARNING! Adsorbents and enveloping means take 1-1.5 hours after other medicines - otherwise they will hinder their assimilation.
When dysbacterioses need multivitamin preparations containing the whole range of vitamins "B" because of damage to the intestinal villi (which often happens in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract)vitamins entering the body with food, completely absorbed. In addition, vitamin B6 and B 12 only partially come to us with food, partly synthesized by intestinal microflora. Therefore, the lack of normalmicroflora in the body begins to suffer from lack of vitamins in this group.
healthy people for prevention of dysbiosis is recommended to take probiotics (prophylactic dose indicated on the package) for 7-10 days a month forsix months, be sure to drink milk products with bifidobacteria - no less cups a day, preferably at night.
Medicines should not duplicate each other.Several means of a class at the same time does not apply.