How to overcome stress

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 April 2016

you noticed that all the negative emotions that we're having in different situations, we call word - stress.

We are already accustomed to this phenomenon, it has simply become part of our lives as food, water or sleep.The most interesting thing in the nature of the stress itself is not.There are just a human reaction, so to speak, a subjective assessment of what is happening.

And you tried to benefit from a stressful situation?No.Here is one example.
The same events in different people act differently.If a person knows that it is annoying and introduces stress, it is easy to be able to monitor, manage their emotions and maintain inner harmony.But often people do not realize it.
And what could be the benefits of stress?

For example:
- employee of the company entrusted to perform some important taskbut he is constantly distracted by incoming calls and can not carry out its task.

On the one hand his stress, he can not do the job.On the other hand, he has an excuse, I accept incoming calls.Etc.

There are entire training to overcome the stressful condition.
As noted scientists, there is a relationship between the human body and psychological discomfort.If a person, something disturbing, his body (muscles) are stretched, and when the muscles are tense (in alarm), there is the effort of negative emotions.Therefore, in the course of the training worked out the whole chain of different tools designed to relieve mental and muscular tension. breathing techniques, muscle relaxation technique, etc.

And what about removing mental stress, there is need to apply a technique that would help instill confidence in man himself, improve his self-esteem.This technique is called visualization techniques.

Alternatively participants of the training offer to make a collage on himself, in which he portrays exactly what he likes, what heseek, and that could help him in achieving success and harmony.

for muscle relaxation technique is used, "Contrast" or deep muscle relaxation.Muscles first bend, and then quickly relax.What it gives the body a feeling of warmth and heaviness, and later a feeling of peace and harmony.

And in conclusion.The presence of stress is determined by different symptoms that can manifest itself in behavior, at the level of physiology or emotional and intellectual levels.Therefore, the stress must be approached comprehensively and thoroughly.If you'll only see signs of stress, but do not see it the reason you did not get over. It's just that to snatch leaves I uproot the weed but not its root.