Treatment of Lupus

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19 April 2016
There are two types of lupus: discoid and systemic lupus.Systemic lupus erythematosus affects the joints and organs of the body, while the discoid - less threatening skin disease.

The cause of systemic lupus remains unclear, but many believe that as a result of ingestion of the virus the immune system produces antibodies that attackIn turn, the organs and the body's own tissue.This causes inflammation of blood vessels, and joints, thereby affecting the entire body as a whole.It is characteristic that primarily affects the kidneys.In 50% of patients develop nephritis.
discoid lupus affects the skin.The rash formed on the nose and cheeks, recalling a butterfly (butterfly syndrome).The flash can be caused by prolonged sun exposure.This disfiguring skin disease sometimes associated with infection by the tubercle bacillus.The skin is covered with small soft yellowish tubercles, which are disappearing, often leave scars.

solar ultraviolet rays, fatigue, certain medications, stress, viral infections, chemicals can cause a flare-up of discoid lupus.

In some cases lupus begins as arthritis - with swelling and pain in the fingers and joints.In severe cases can suffer brain, kidneys and heart.If affected the central nervous system, possible seizures, amnesia, psychosis and severe depression.

to treat lupus usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Corticosteroids - hormones of the adrenal glands - are very important in the treatment of lupus.But they should be used with caution and only for short periods of time.

Steroids can cause cessation of production of the body's own hormones.

Radiation therapy in lupus has not yet been studied adequately.It includes irradiating with low doses of radiation of the lymph nodes for immune suppression.Also used anticancer drugs to reduce the response of the immune system and the need for steroids.Such drugs can be toxic (harmful to bone marrow) and therefore should be used with great caution.

lupus useful echinacea, goldenseal, red clover, yucca, garlic, thistle (thistle), mint and others.