How to cure a cold spices?

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 April 2016
Each of us is being treated for a cold in their own way.The most common - a trip to the drug store for all kinds of medicines and their future, not always effective, application.
What if this time instead of the pharmacy to go to the supermarket for spices to try to treat a little differently, and with much greater benefit to the organism.
tea with mint - increases sweating and reduces fever with a cold.If a stuffy nose, you can take a couple of tablespoons of mint, pour boiling water (1 l.) And let stand, then bring to a boil, then add to it a few drops of essential oil of peppermint - such inhalation (10-15 min.) Is an excellentremedy for nasal congestion.
Ginger tea - the perfect prophylactic agent, if you are already sick, such gulls will also be very useful, since its components are excellentnatural antiseptics.To do this you need to take one teaspoon of powdered ginger, one teaspoon of turmeric and pour cup boiling water, leave
for twenty minutes.You can also add a little lemon and honey.

Mustard, the healing properties of which spoke more of our grandmothers.If it so happened that you are really froze and went home, felt the onset of a cold, you can use the old-fashioned means - in the thick cotton socks to pour mustard (1 tbsp. Spoonful of each), and the top to put woolen and like so the whole evening.You can still hover legs in mustard, but it can only do if you have a high temperature.In hot water, add 2-3 tablespoons of mustard.Hover legs for about 20 minutes, pouring hot water as needed.Then rinse your feet and wear wool socks.
Turmeric - one of the strongest natural antiseptics.With a cold, one-third teaspoon of turmeric pour a glass of hot milk, then give it brew in a thermos for a couple of hours.
Tea with honey and cinnamon strengthens the protective functions of the body, which is a very good prevention of any colds.
During cold body is weakened, so will be helpful to drink low-fat meat or fish broth at the end of cooking, be sure to add a few bay leaves (3-4 things.).This restores the physical strength broth and bay leaf to prevent the spread of viruses in the body.
for cough and cold, you can also use cloves, which will ease the symptoms of colds and coughs.For the preparation of a medicinal drink to put 3 cloves buds in a thermos and pour a glass of boiling milk, leave for 1 hour.The mixed drink should be drunk in small sips, even they can gargle.
Anise has a warming effect when the first symptoms of hypothermia and cold.So, if the cold overcome, and the working day in the midst of - drink coffee with the addition of a little anise.This drink will banish fatigue, malaise, and cure a hoarse voice.
Pea black allspice can be used as well as the prevention of influenza.To do this, you need to carefully chew food (slow) 3 peas - will be sufficient for the prevention of the three day course, but this tool is not suitable for small children.
Before any treatment, including spices, talk to your doctor.