Candidiasis, or yeast diaper rash folds

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 April 2016

If under the breasts skin irritation appeared.There was a sour smell and some sticky plaque.Most likely, you have candida, or yeast diaper rash folds.

Candidiasis - the defeat of the skin, mucous membranes, nail plates and internal organs caused by fungi of the genus Candida yeast.This disease is accompanied by inflammation of the skin, burning, itching, sour smell (these signs and you transferred).

Increased sweating and hot weather contribute to the appearance on the skin of fungi of the genus Candida.Also contribute to the development of candidiasis metabolic disease (diabetes, obesity), low immunity, frequent use of antibiotics.

the treatment of candidiasis of the skin are used aqueous or alcoholic solutions of aniline dyes (Castellani paint).Externally prescribed ointments, pastes or salicylic zinc-zinc.From modern well to "Clotrimazole" in the solution, as well as cream and ointment;solution or ointment "Candide
the treatment of candidiasis is important to observe the following rules: after care area under the breasts should be well dried, brush the skin with a solution of Castellani and after it dries apply any of these means.

recommended for breast lay a soft napkin.