What you need to know about solariums

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 April 2016
Solarium is a unique salvation of your skin during the long, agonizing winter.In addition, a solarium does not allow you look "pale toadstool" when the street becomes warm, and are tempted to put more free T-shirt and a skirt shorter.

Solarium will always be on our toes for better health and recharge your vitamin D. tanning will also help women to fight pimples and skin irritation.But be careful: excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may be, on the contrary, worsen the process of distribution of skin defects.

order for your body to do no harm and to get the maximum effect of the tanning, it is necessary to know some rules.

To begin with, you should consult your doctor.In view of the reception of various drugs, solarium should be avoided due to diseases of the liver, heart, respiratory tract, skin, and others. If you have birthmarks, multiple and large moles, it is better to visit a solarium also show the doctor.His tattoos on the body have to cover
during their stay under ultraviolet light and the sun, as the paint tends to fade, and it will make your drawing paler.Despite the opinion, navel piercing, nose, etc. Normally carries a solarium, unless
he was recently made - in this case it is necessary also to cover part of the body from the effects of UV rays.If you have hypersensitive skin, tanning is necessary to take a more cautious.Usually, a special exhibit photosensitivity pregnant women and children up to 15 years.Do not forget that after the recent hair removal skin quickly "burn."

proved that the solarium enhances immunity several times.A large number of athletes participated in this study, some time later, after several trips to the solarium, they become less susceptible to infections.Thus, if in the course of the year to visit the solarium, you can improve your physical condition and get rid of some diseases.