Chlamydia - Causes and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 April 2016

cause of the disease is a sexually transmitted disease, respectively promiscuity.To protect themselves from these unpleasant and sometimes tragic consequences;First of all, you need to correctly choose a partner.Security guarantees fidelity.When you are confident in a partner completely.There are many sexually transmitted diseases;considered particularly dangerous syphilis and gonorrhea.

In this article, we will focus on is quite common diseases Chlamydia.
chlamydia statistics of Ministry of Health sick 45-50 %% of men and 55-60 %% of women are not capable of reproduction.This disease of the genitourinary system;Chlamydia caused by parasites in the intercellular level.The process of incubation lasts from a week to a month.

Chlamydia affects the urethra as in males and in females.If you treat negligent to the manifestation of symptoms;then after a short period of time affects the testicles in men, and the canal of the cervix in women.The defeat of chlamydia has manif
estations of the rising nature, iezapuskaniya when the disease affects women's ovaries and fallopian tubes.

How to treat chlamydia?

First of all, this correction lifestyle, and some types of therapy;antibacterial, immunomodulatory.Also, in parallel with the therapy doctors prescribed antibiotics such as tsiprobay (antibacterial agent), sumamed (macrolide) antimicrobial vilprafen (stops protein production by bacteria).

the treatment is important to avoid any kind of sex, let alone with strangers.Always observe good personal hygiene especially genital to stop the infection.