Terms of healthy nutrition

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 April 2016

There are many recommendations to balance the weight, thus not limiting themselves to the favorite food.After all, the main rule - the human body needs sufficient suck all the nutrients.The main thing - to know the measure and try not to exceed it.To calculate the individual diet, should take into account their essential characteristics - age, weight, lifestyle and other factors, and it is advisable to contact a dietitian.

In our world, a huge number of different professions.They are divided into different categories of difficulty and time consuming.In the first category we otnesёm the work, which is dominated by mental work.Usually, these are the people who have no physical activity.In the second category we otnesёm professions that require physical labor.They are teachers in the sections, snow tools, etc.For an average physical activity include, for example, painters, workers of the factory.Heavy physical work required at the construction site and in agriculture.The heav
iest work at the steelworkers and miners.

Once we divided the work into categories, then immediately slalom is clear that for each class needs its own handpicked daily meal, asvarious load two different energy costs.It is proved that the power of the ordinary office worker must be different from the power of the builder, who works in heavy physical conditions.Therefore, power should be adjusted individually, depending on the type of work and do not look for universal diet that promises you fast weight loss.There are special service to deliver meals, the menu of which there are nutritious and light meals, they can deliver the food and in the office and on the construction site.

It is equally important to follow the routine of your day and eating.In some publications indicate that the optimum amount of meal - 4 times a day, and the gaps therebetween should be 4:00.Of course, it is hard to eat on a schedule where you have no opportunity to go to work and go to a cafe.From this problem will help get rid delivery lunches in the office.Supper should be no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

necessary to balance the intake of foods containing fats, carbohydrates and proteins.And, of course, for each category should have their relations.For example, for employees in the office, you need the same amount of protein and fat, and carbohydrate should be 3 times more.

Finally, the most important thing we must not forget that the food must containsufficient amounts of vitamins.If you do not comply with these complex rules, you will be able to maintain health, good looks and figure.