Can I use a solarium nursing mothers?

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 April 2016

After birth, every woman wants to quickly regain her figure in the previous condition, look beautiful and attractive.At the same time during pregnancy mums have to give up a visit to the solarium, fitness club, swimming pool.And so you want to quickly revert to the old way of life, but is it possible to nursing mother to go to a tanning salon?Does this not bring harm to her or the baby?

unequivocal ban solarium lactating women doctors are not set, but there are some nuances that you should definitely keep in mind.

First of all, you must know that tanning can cause harm to the body of any person, regardless of whether the mother is breast-feeding or just a young woman.

second important fact - the process of lactation ultraviolet rays do not affect, so that the process of milk production with a visit to the solarium will not have any connection.

However, in the solarium to a nursing woman lurks another danger.During this time, hormones have not yet returned to normal, some hormones are produced in la

rger quantities, others have dropped.Such unstable hormonal status makes the female body is more susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment.Ultraviolet solarium able to penetrate more deeply into the skin than normal sun.Because of this, there is a large number of moles on the skin, and the existing can change their shape and size can be formed dark spots.

There is one more thing that you should know a nursing mother.The solarium body is able to lose enough fluids, this may have an impact on the amount of milk.Therefore, after a visit to the solarium to be sure to recover the lost fluid.

If a nursing mother, though, goes to the solarium, and there it is the first thing is to check the certificate and documents proving that the lamps used in the car, have a normal shelf life, because the overdue lamp disappears protective layer and the radiation is not controlledin any way.By the way, new lamps in a solarium are also harmful - at the time of their action has a high intensity, it is recommended to reduce the procedure twice (instead of five minutes tanning take only two and a half).

Most experts, though, do not recommend nursing mothers to go to the solarium, it is better to wait for the moment when the hormones will be produced in the normal mode.In the meantime, better to take the baby along with air baths and larger walk in the fresh air.