Symptoms of disease

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 April 2016
When suddenly you have pains in the chest, but after a few minutes they pass, you try not to pay attention to it, but if repeated similar signs and not only with the breast, and anotherand with his head, then what to do?What should pay attention to avoid irreversible consequences.
If you suddenly go to the bathroom and discover that you have blood.What to do?First thoughts come to mind - a tumor of the colon.It should go directly to a gastroenterologist to be examined and understood what had happened.If you are constantly in my head the idea that you have cancer, fold them away.When you feel a tingling in the back, muscle cramps, do not be sad at once, you can just be an ordinary harmless sore.
consider other symptoms that should pay attention to the form in which they have arisen. sharp pain in his chest.If you suddenly feel pain in the chest that once passed, then it may be a random spasm, but if at the same time you feel nausea, shortness of breath, sweating, then you may
be signs of a heart attack.Take a couple of aspirin, the blood became thinner and faster flow to the heart.
When you eye twitching, then you may have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but may also be a simple spasm. Gehrig's disease is a result of the destruction of nerve cells of brain and spinal cord, which leads to bad consequences.But human nature to think the worst when a problem arises.In many cases, it is not a disease Gehrig and blepharospasm, is when the muscles of the century arbitrarily cut a couple of times per minute, and it can last for weeks.The exact cause can not be found, but have a hunch that it was due to stress and depression.
If you are worried about the pain under his arm, then you may have lymphoma or muscle spasm.Pleurisy fashion mouse has an infectious origin, and we feel it as a deep sigh.It is treated by anti-inflammatory drugs.When you feel a dull ache under his arm, you touch the place, and there is a knot, then it's swollen lymph nodes.The result is a swelling of fighting infection.You may also be lymphoma, which is a disease of the lymph tissue of cancer.