How to quickly remove the swelling from the face?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 April 2016

Swelling on the face - a common phenomenon and its causes can be many: a consequence of an illness, improper diet, sleep disturbance, excess fluid in the body.When the reflection in the mirror shows us a person with a swollen nose and lips, bags under the eyes and over, I want to hide from the world.But what if you need to leave the house?As shown around with such a person?It can be a matter of urgency to use rapid methods to remove edema at home.All of them are to use only natural products and does not bring harm.The most effective and safest way to remove the swelling of the face are described in the article below.

Removing edema exposure to cold

  • Douches help reduce puffiness not only individuals, but also of the limbs.The procedure begins by pouring warm water for 15 seconds.Next, the water regime of the cold and rearranged the next 15 seconds, the dousing with cold water.Alternating hot and cold water occurs within 2 minutes.If swelling occurs only in the face, instead of a shower you can use r
    egular washing, alternating water temperature.
  • facial massage with ice cubes.Under the influence of sudden cooling in the epidermis is restored circulation, which promotes sail excess fluid.For the procedure can be used as a regular iced water, and the broths of herbs - chamomile, peppermint, St. John's wort, sage.Ice cube slowly and carefully carried out on the massage lines.In places edema massage can be done in 2-3 approach.It is impossible to make an effort in this procedure, icicles can scratch the skin, hypothermia and skin May cause redness.

removal of edema using natural cosmetic masks

  • Mask of potatoes - effective against edema, as the starch contained therein is well removes moisture from the skin.Potatoes need to peel and grate.On the face of gauze is applied with slits for eyes.On the gauze is applied slurry of potato.This mask is maintained for 10 minutes, and then washed off with warm water (water temperature should be no higher than 35 ° C).
  • mask on the basis of parsley.Parsley juice nourishes and tones the skin, has a bleaching and lifting effect.To prepare the masks need a bunch of fresh parsley, juice of half a small lemon, 1 tablespoon of purified water.The greens are ground through a meat grinder or blender.To it is added lemon juice and water are mixed.In place of edematous applied mass production of vitamin and left a quarter of an hour.After the mask is washed off with lukewarm water.
  • mask of strawberries.As part of fresh strawberries contains acid, which is under the influence of excess moisture out of the epidermis, improves blood circulation process.Washed berries (about 100 g) shifting fork to mush.They added a few drops of olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened natural yoghurt.The ingredients are mixed.The resulting mask is applied to the swollen area and held for 10-15 minutes and then washed in warm running water.
  • compress tea leaves.To perform welding procedures suitable as black tea, and green.The main condition - that it was freshly prepared and strong.It can be added to tea and medicinal plants.This mint, sage, chamomile, lemon.Brew tea and infused.When the temperature of the room will be welding, you can make a compress.Cotton pads soaked in tea leaves, lightly pressing and superimposed on the swollen places.Massage movements can wipe all face.Compress is removed after 10 minutes from the start of the procedure.Instead of cotton disks can be used tea bags.

Diuretic herbal teas

swelling of the face and extremities effectively remove diuretic teas from natural products.They are not only safe, but also very useful.

  • Apple broth.Apple peel contains in its structure components facilitating withdrawal of body fluids.To prepare the broth takes 200 ml of water and the peel of one large apple.From these products are prepared broth: boil over low heat 15 minutes.It continues to insist to cool.Drink a decoction of the morning before the first meal.Action drink comes in half an hour.
  • broth hips.Pinch of dried rose hips pour 200 ml of water, a means brought to a boil, pour into a thermos and insist the whole night.The broth is filtered and is used at a time.