For the first time in the tanning bed, you need to know?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 April 2016

have tanning acquired in the solarium, has several advantages over conventional sun tanning.He lies down on the body evenly, leaving no skin nezagorevshih areas, it can maintain and regularly update and a major plus - solarium at any time of year, regardless of weather and sub-zero temperatures outside.

How to prepare for the solarium?

Going for the first time to take tanning properly prepare your body for the procedure.The skin should be clean, but taking a shower on the eve of a visit to the solarium, do not use alkaline soap.It will wash away the protective film from the body fat, and it will burn from light bulbs.This is especially true owners of the body with light skin, easy blushing under the sun.

Rinse all cosmetics and make-up, do not use aromatic oils, perfumes and deodorants.When heated, they can cause unexpected reactions and become a culprit of allergic rashes.Also remove the jewelry and leave it in the locker room.

Before you enter directly into the room Sun, apply a special cream on

the skin for tanning, it protects it from aging.Neutral cream for sun tanning in this case is not suitable, because the light bulbs are much more sunlight.Also, light tanning dries out the lips, so grease them before a session balm with UF-filter - this is the only cosmetics which can be used in the tanning bed.

How to behave in the solarium?

administrator will ask you to use a special form of sunglasses to protect the eyes from radiation.But many refuse to put them on, since after their use around the eyes are bright, untanned circles.You should know that the thin skin of the eyelids transmits UV rays that adversely affect vision.Just close your eyes and open them after the session, you run the risk of harm to health.

chest and crotch should cover the action of light.Wear cotton panties and nipple buy special covers - Stikine.In extreme cases, cover the breast with his hands or wear a bathing suit on the bodice.

After several visits to the solarium hair loses elasticity, there is fragility, they fade.To avoid this, wear a hat on the procedure completely hiding under her hair.

If you have a large body is a birthmark, close these places stickers.Tattoos are also recommended to close - certain types of paints can cause allergic rashes when heated.

How often to visit a solarium and duration of sessions?

skin at all different, and nobody knows how it will react to light tanning lamps, so during the first visit to be careful and observant.The first tanning session should last no more than 5 minutes, and then 7 or 10 minutes.After a few sessions, you can determine how your body reacts to light lamps and to regulate their duration, but in any case they should not exceed 12 minutes.

first time to produce the desired effect, you can visit the salon after 2 days, and then reduce the frequency of visits to the solarium.On dark skin tan usually obtained resistant and lasts a few days, so only one visit per week to maintain a beautiful shade.Light skin quickly loses tan, so sessions should be held more often - it is optimal to do twice a week.

What to do after a visit to the solarium?

Upon completion of the session, take a warm shower and a good wipe body with a towel.On the dried skin of the face and body, apply a moisturizer, it makes up for the lost moisture while sunbathing.

Arriving home, sit back and relax - the procedure followed by tanning power consumption, so it takes time to restore it.Resume help force a strong cup of green tea.Drink a glass of fresh apricot, mango and carrot juice.It is believed that the carotene contained in these products is able to fix the tan color and make it more beautiful.

not plan on this day visit to the gym or fitness club in any case, try for two hours to avoid intense physical or emotional stress.