How often can I go to the solarium?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 April 2016

Every woman does not just want to be the most beautiful and attractive, I want to look unusual and attract the opposite sex with the originality!So in the pursuit of beauty, many are trying in the summer, not only to sunbathe, tan giving its image a certain zest and charm, but also to visit a solarium!

Sun every chooses for himself "what is available": someone is going to rest abroad, someone - a grandmother in the village, and some just go for this purpose in the solarium.Of course, a solarium - a good thing, paying, in principle, an affordable sum, you can decorate your body perfect tan for your desired shade.However, as evidenced by the years, not for every tanning treatments are helpful and many they even cause significant harm to health.

reason - misuse of this technology!In fact, not every person knows how often you can go to the solarium, not to harm their health, and workers in the solarium it does not penetrate, they are important to the income they receive through you.Therefore, if you choo

se for yourself as a way of applying the tanning solarium, then try everything about the procedure in advance to find out!

General recommendations solarium

First of all you should keep in mind that the frequency of visits to the solarium should proceed, depending on your skin type and model of the solarium.On average, a single course will consist of ten sessions different time, but with an interval therebetween of at least two days.In some cases, sessions can be significantly reduced, and the interval therebetween is increased due to personal reasons.

to repeat the course the solarium, you must wait at least a month, otherwise there is a strong risk cause serious harm to your skin.After these procedures need some time to restore it and thus the rest.

So, with this in mind, we can say that the woman with the most common type of skin, without having serious health problems, it may take the tanning process no more than 50 times per year.However, in some cases, this is too much for the skin!

How to go to the solarium?

To keep your skin healthy, and thus acquire the right and desired tan, you must first consult with a specialist.To learn more, not only about your skin type, but also on its individual characteristics and possible reactions to a particular procedure.

consultant specialist will help you personally to determine the frequency of visits to the solarium, and advise how best to move these or other procedures.In any case, if you ignore the advice of experts in this regard and consider that you have with the skin and health problems are not present, then visit a solarium at least the first sessions of no more than 2-3 minutes, otherwise you run a high risk.

How your skin will react to such a technology of artificial tanning is not clear, but to see her reaction, must pass a few time!Realizing that you feel good, you can go to the following procedure!