Can you gargle with chlorhexidine?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 April 2016

Sore throat, sore, red, hoarseness in the voice - the symptoms of which are familiar to every person firsthand.Get rid of them quickly and efficiently with the help of modern, high-quality medicines.That's only pregnant women can not use them.How can that be, you ask?Of course, difficult to endure these inconveniences, and even harmful, because the throat is the first level of defense against a variety of viruses.It is because of this modern scientists have developed a means to gargle that will not harm the expectant mother and her crumbs.One of these is chlorhexidine.

chlorhexidine What?

chlorhexidine - a special solution, which has a green color.It is made on the basis of eucalyptus, which has antibacterial properties and effectively defeats the microbes.The big advantage is that it is completely harmless, whereby it can be used as the pregnant, and young children.But be that as it may, prior to use it is necessary to make sure you are not allergic to the components that are part of it.You can chec

k it after the first rinse.If mucous seven hours no bubbles are formed and redness, you can safely treat further.

Please note that you need to prepare a solution of a teaspoon of a liquid diluted with water (about one hundred milliliters).Then the ingredients you need to mix well.

Basics proper rinsing

Before you start rinsing procedure, first rinse well throats usual warm boiled water.Pour solution into a container, and then take a sip and rinse them mucosa about thirty seconds.As for the number of rinses, that much depends on the specific disease and your health.It is because of this you can not self-medicate.Be sure to pre-treatment consult your doctor.

Swallow solution is strictly prohibited.If for some reason part of it came in, immediately drink two glasses of water and activated carbon (the amount depends on your weight, for every ten kilograms must account for one tablet).It is also recommended to induce vomiting in order to clean the stomach, because this tool is intended for outdoor use and non-compliance can lead to poor health.

Eat within two hours after the procedure is forbidden, as it will make treatment less effective.You should also give it up, if you are experiencing sore throat.In this case, chlorhexidine sharpen them and cause discomfort, get rid of them will be difficult.

And finally remember, chlorhexidine quickly and effectively removes the symptoms that occur during the development of a disease.However, it only masks it, and does not cure.Therefore, this treatment is very often supplemented by other drugs.