Swollen lower lip, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 April 2016

Puffy lower lip and gives a lot of inconvenience, as this aesthetic problem, sometimes indicative of certain faults in the body.Let's look at the reasons for this state and its methods of removal.

Puffy lower lip may be one of the manifestations of allergic reactions.In this case, the accompanying signs will be itching and redness of the mouth, dryness and the appearance of small cracks on it.Treatment consists of taking antihistamines and applied to the lips hypoallergenic ointment.

If there are swollen lower lip sores or blisters, then most likely there is a viral infection.In this case it is necessary to visit a specialist to assign the required treatment.

If the tumor is related to the lips of injury, it will help reduce the discomfort soothing ointment and anti-inflammatory drugs.For the treatment of lip cancer resulting from exposure to traumatic subject, and are widely used home remedies.Thus, the detection of this disease is necessary to impose on the affected lip cold or hot compress.It can

be wrapped in a towel or an ice cube in hot water soaked cotton swab.Heat helps to reduce accumulated blood in the affected area, and thus reduces swelling.

help eliminate swelling in the lower lip and the folk remedy, which are the integral components of turmeric powder, distilled water, and Fuller's earth.For the treatment of these substances must be connected in equal proportions and add them to obtain a thick liquid slurry which apply a thin layer to the tumor site.

To reduce swelling also use aloe vera gel and a tea bag, previously immersed for a few minutes in warm boiled water.Cooled down a bag attached to the lip and hold it in this state for 3-5 minutes.

At the time of treatment is necessary to drink plenty of fluids and ensure that the lips were constantly moistened (you can use a soft balm).Meals should be healthy and balanced diet should prevail in foods rich in vitamins C and B.

If swelling does not subside for a long period of time, seek medical advice.By following these simple guidelines, and following these tips, you can easily return to its former beauty of the lips.