What hurts the gums after tooth extraction?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 April 2016

Many of us know that after the removal of the tooth gums for some time continues to be ill.Sometimes you feel after visiting the doctor will deteriorate, causing a person begins to experience, scrolling in his head the most horrible pictures.Let's see, which is why it occurs, how long and how to speed up the healing process.

What is the reason?

tooth extraction - is oral tissue injury, which has many nerve endings.This procedure takes place with the use of anesthesia, resulting initially we do not feel any pain syndromes.They arise later, after anesthesia "comes out."

In most cases, this pain is aching in nature and does not interfere with the usual rhythm of life for us.However, there are cases where it is strong, throbbing.The most frequently observed in this picture:

  • alveolitis.The disease is the result of violations of the formation of a blood clot, there is an inflammatory process of the wells.
  • triple nerve neuritis.There it is in those cases where a dentist in the course of its work, the t
    riple injured nerve.When neuritis shooting pain, sudden.
  • Poor treatment.If the gum is the root of the tooth or gums, there is pain, inflammation develops.

We distinguish pain

As you can see, there are two types of pain: indicates the presence of disease and normal.Second, simply be patient, but the first to go to a good dentist.

symptoms that indicate the need to see a doctor:

  • elevated temperatures;
  • increased pain;
  • swelling of the gums;
  • odor from the mouth;
  • pus released from the hole.

How long can hurt the gums after removal?

In most cases the pain appears within three hours after completion of the procedure.However, it may occur from time to time or be permanent.However, with each passing day these feelings must be reduced, and on the third day to go completely.If the removal was difficult, the pain can be observed for about ten days.The thing is that in this case the tissue hurts more than the usual removal.Sometimes the pain can be accompanied by swelling of the gums, swollen cheeks and a headache.The above symptoms are not dangerous to humans and eventually go away on its own.

Getting rid of the pain

There are many medications that can help you get rid of the pain.The most popular are Ketorol, Spazmolgon, Analgin, Ketanov, Nimesulide and Baralgin.Eat the medicine should be in accordance with the instructions, which necessarily must be attached to each package.You can also use the methods of traditional medicine - use a cold compress, rinse, bath and so on. D.

And finally, remember to protect yourself from the appearance of pain in the first three days, try not to disturb the wound, and it is not hot, colddo not touch her hands, tongue, refuse sweets, chewing gum, do not abuse alcohol and do not breathe through the mouth, as the cold air can worsen the situation.