How to get rid of whiteflies in strawberries?

By Admin | Household Tricks
05 April 2016

Strawberry - one of the most favorite fruits in most people, but not only them like this culture and one of the main afflictions for gardeners and farmers is a whitefly - a small fly with a pair of white wings (hence the name).Causes of the problem of combating these insects due to rapid proliferation of flies and their ability to adapt to many chemical poisons, is producing immune to the population in the new generations.The following are the basic methods that allows to save the strawberries on the whitefly and store the berries for people.

chemical methods for controlling whitefly on strawberries

  1. «Akhtar."Is an insecticide intestinal action, ie strikes the insect when ingested.Used in accordance with the instructions on the package.
  2. «Admiral».It is also an insecticide gastrointestinal actions.Used in accordance with the instructions on the package.
  3. «aktellik."Similar to previous drugs.

important to bear in mind that a single treatment, usually gives a proper result, since the effect is only

achieved in feeding insects when poisonous substance falls inside.Whitefly is not always fed and often the entire population.In this regard, it is recommended to conduct at least four processing.After a break the first three days, then five days a week.With each subsequent treatment is recommended to reduce the concentration of toxic substances in order not to harm the strawberries.

Folk ways to combat whitefly on strawberries

  1. If put small strawberries, you can process all the leaves by hand, rinsing them with lukewarm water.After that you should carefully loosening the topsoil to destroy the remaining larvae.This method of treatment is preferably carried out once a week.Can combine with one of the methods which are given below.
  2. infusion of garlic.It is quite an effective method of combating whitefly.We need to take 300 grams of garlic and grate (or use chesnokodavilku).Then shift the weight of garlic in a jar or bottle and pour water with a temperature of 60-70 ° C.Tightly stoppered and removed in a dark place for 5-7 days.Every 24 hours, the capacity required intensive shaking.After a week, the infusion is filtered and poured into the bottle.Again tightly sealed and stored in a refrigerator.For spray liquid take 10 ml infusion of garlic 1 liter of water and spray the strawberries.The procedure is carried out every week.
  3. lemon peel.It is considered one of the most gentle, but unfortunately not the most effective methods.20 lemon peel boiled in 5 liters of water to simmer for one hour.According to the broth strawberries sprayed once in three days.

There is still a large number of methods to control whitefly on strawberries, but the above are the most popular and proven empirically.