Can you gargle with hydrogen peroxide?

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14 April 2016

often for colds is necessary to gargle.For this purpose, use a variety of different means, as the official medicine, and folk.Used as a gargle for the throat and a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Characteristics of hydrogen peroxide

What is peroxide or hydrogen peroxide?This chemical H2O2, referring to the class of peroxides.It looks like a colorless liquid with a metallic taste.Smell absent.Hydrogen peroxide is readily soluble in water, ether and alcohol.The pharmacy chain is sold in the following forms:

  • 3% solution;
  • 35% solution (perhydrol);
  • in pill form (gidropirit).

For medical purposes is used a 3% solution of H2O2.When using concentrated solution - perhydrol for medicinal purposes should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10.Tablets contain 35% hydrogen peroxide.To prepare a 3% solution, sufficient to dissolve the substance in one tablet 1 tbsp.l.water.

There are warnings about the storage of hydrogen peroxide.This should be a cool dark place.The drug should be hidden from children, as

the undiluted substance to the skin may leave a burn, and swallowing - damage to the mucous membrane.

Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties which are widely used in industry and everyday life.The official medicine is considered an antiseptic, cleaning properties.

rationale for the use of hydrogen peroxide in the Gargling

gargling with hydrogen peroxide often used in alternative medicine, which recognizes the tool as a cure for many ailments.In particular, in the treatment of throat practice, the use of hydrogen peroxide in the following cases:

  • catarrhal infections;
  • in the treatment of angina;
  • with pharyngitis.

process steps of this substance at Gargling is based on the release of the active oxygen, which is formed by the decay of H2O2 into atomic oxygen and water.Active oxygen is contacted with a mucosal lesion, whereby the surface is cleaned by an infected pus and other foreign substances.There kind of disinfecting tissue.

established that besides enrichment atomic oxygen, hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidizing agent in the body of toxic substances.For example, when added to a liter of water of 10-15 ml of hydrogen peroxide number of germs contained water, fall 1000 times.

Terms gargling H2O2

difficult to find the exact recipe of hydrogen peroxide solution for gargling.Neumyvakin doctor recommends adding 50 ml of water for 1 hour. L.peroxide gargle for 15-20 seconds.Recommends several rinses during the day.

Another source recommends a glass of water add a tablespoon of H2O2 at the same time by preparing the second glass gargle a weak solution of soda or a decoction of chamomile or manganese, simply boiled water.Once the consumed hydrogen peroxide solution from the first glass, it is advisable to wash off residues of a substance from the mucosa solution from the second vessel.Frequency rinsing - 3 hours.