Can the dumplings while breastfeeding?

By Admin | Food For Children
21 April 2016

After birth, many mothers, especially those who have a first child just do not know that they can have, and what - not.The body is greatly weakened and exhausted, and there is so much temptation, it is difficult to restrain themselves, but on this or that product will react kid knows?

baby milk is sure to get all the substances included in the product, many it will be good, but even more his intestines will not be able to accept and properly recycled.From here there are problems, the baby will be capricious, gassing can occur and diarrhea.What to do?

diet of lactating women need to plan so that all the used products were equally helpful and child and woman.Today, we will learn whether breastfeeding eat dumplings.

Dumplings and breastfeeding

actually understand whether the dumplings in a particular case or not, will help professionals observing the child.When no contraindications are not observed and the doctor, in principle, does not prohibit the mother breastfeeding eat dumplings, so they can be

there, but it should be something which comply with the rules.

  • continuously monitor the state of the child after the introduction of the diet dumplings.Start first with three pieces, and gradually increase the dose can be.If during the day is no change in the stool does not happen and the child is in the same state, it means that his body normally reacts to the substances contained in the dumplings.
  • Never overdo products such as dumplings.Firstly, they are too fat, and secondly, they contain meat dough, which in itself is difficult to digest.The body can not withstand the baby receipt of such nutrients at the same time.Therefore, neither of which gluttony, overeating is not out of the question.It is better to eat a small portion of it.
  • Dumplings, which are sold in stores are often made with the addition of what some harmful additives.This, of course, no one says, but it happens, so the dumplings are not worth eating lactating women.Prefer the dumplings, you can prepare yourself and be one hundred percent sure that they do not have anything forbidden.
  • Semi-finished products from the market, namely, they are the dumplings, often sold expired, store them properly, unscrupulous providers, they are transported without observing the provisions of law.Such a product is dangerous in itself, but a healthy person it is quite able to grasp and nothing bad in it will not be, can not be said about the nursing mother and her Chad.

It turns out that nobody dumplings lactating women eat does not forbid if:

  • no contraindications, like a child, and at the very mother;
  • dumplings do not contain any additives, and the best in the diet include homemade ravioli, it is clear that and how much was used in their manufacture;
  • product is fresh, not expired and properly stored;
  • anything suspicious in the dumpling is not observed;
  • child responds to the reception of ravioli normal.