Pull teeth, than to rinse your mouth?

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13 April 2016

Tooth extraction - surgery, which resulted in the gum remains a deep wound.So she quickly healed and inflamed, dentists recommend the use of a variety of medical and popular compositions for rinsing.

rinse or rinse your?

Rinse as a preventive procedure is necessary to maintain the oral cavity in a healthy condition.After removing the tooth doctors are advised to start doing it the next day.During this time, the wound will roll the blood clot and become a reliable barrier to penetration of the infection.If his "wash" the hole in the gum will be open and accessible to the activity of pathogenic bacteria.

particular care must be taken to the manipulation of the wisdom teeth.

usually surgery to remove them is complex and lengthy.After her person experiences excruciating pain, possible fever and other symptoms.

Ranque, formed as a result, a deeper and more bulk and heal for a long time.

After removal of wisdom teeth patients prescribed medical certificate and observed for 7-10 days.Along with taking m

edication prescribed by a physician he had during the day is sure to rinse your mouth assignment made.

What formulations used for rinsing?

After surgery to remove teeth, dentists recommend the use of compositions that are based on medicines and folk remedies.Their action is almost the same, so you can alternate between the two.

Medical mouthwash: chlorhexidine and miramistin

Among the drugs of conventional medicine is the most common chlorhexidine.This time-tested remedy is popular because of its excellent features:

  • quickly and completely destroys the germs;
  • creates lasting antiseptic effect, forming a protective film covering the area of ​​the patient;
  • may be used in other diseases of the oral cavity as an antiseptic and inflammatory processes of the skin, wounds or cuts occurs;
  • inexpensive and affordable for everyone.

Despite this, not everyone is in a hurry to use it because it has a bitter taste in the mouth causing numbness and temporary staining of enamel in dark color.

second drug that is prescribed after tooth extraction - miramistin.He has all the qualities of chlorhexidine, but the scope of it is much wider and the cost is higher.It causes unpleasant emotions less than the previous formulation.Usually, doctors recommend it for the comprehensive treatment of the oral cavity.

Folk remedies

for rinsing after tooth extraction using salt and soda solution.Normally, it takes a glass of water a teaspoon of one of the funds, or half each.For the prevention of and the early part of the healing it is recommended to add 1-2 drops of iodine.

good antiseptic effect has an infusion of chamomile flowers and oak bark.They are used after exposure to medications, when the risk of infection is removed.These tools are able to create a favorable environment in the oral cavity.