Wisdom tooth removed, how much will it hurt?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 April 2016

Wisdom teeth each person grow in a certain period of life and say when exactly impossible.Many of them appear in his youth, while others have the "joy", when he was an adult.But the most important thing is not it!Wisdom teeth, unfortunately, do not bring a person almost useless!The fact that these teeth after appearing almost immediately begin to hurt badly, ports and cause a person a lot of inconvenience and unnecessary hassle and waste.

That is why experienced dentists are advised not to treat them and often make recommendations to remove a wisdom tooth immediately if it causes pain and discomfort.With the removal of the teeth of this type of man is also a certain time is not calm, the fact is that after the removal of some time in the injured gum pain is felt.

Why is there any pain after wisdom tooth removal?

can say that each wisdom tooth removal is not much different from other types of tooth extractions and pain - it is quite natural after such a complex operation.

  • Firstly, it is often a fee
    ling of residual pain after sore tooth, swelling and swelling should subside, but it will take some time.On top of this post-operative pain, and tooth extraction should be attributed to this operation, it's not too complicated, provoking an increase in temperature, which is not good, but it's quite a common reaction to such procedures.
  • Secondly, do not cause pain gums and nerve endings that are in the process of removal was considerably damaged ?!
  • And, thirdly, that the removal of wisdom teeth are almost always runs with complications that actually causes pain.The reason for this anatomical arrangement of this type of teeth, correct to say, their inaccessibility for removal.

However, apart from "natural pain" occurs, so to speak, "warning", which is a direct signal of the occurrence of serious complications, which can handle only with a doctor, and experienced!

how long the pain?

Given that the emergency removal of wisdom teeth (no matter what) went well, no operating and pre-operative complications were observed in the patient, it can be said that the pain should not bother too long!

However, the nature of the pain, its intensity and the subsides it or, conversely, increased need to own to be able to understand what is happening to you and if you need a consultation dentist.It is also necessary to explore the site and the patient in the event of flow off, inflammation and temperature nespadayuschey sure as soon as possible go to the doctor.

fact that in a normal situation after removal you should feel the pain of no more than a few days.Of course, everyone will be different this time, and it depends on how soon removed tooth and how he had "nabolet."However, the period of pain sensation should vary from three days and somewhere up to a week, the intensity of pain should gradually subside, that's when the removal of wisdom teeth naturally, can be considered successful, and you were not in danger!