At what age menopause starts in women and its symptoms?

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12 April 2016

in every woman's life, a period called menopause, which is characterized by the extinction of the functions of the reproductive system - the gradual cessation of menstruation.The average age for menopause is considered to be 50 years.However, each of the active period occurs women at different ages and may occur both in 40 and in 55 years.

General characteristics of menopause in women

With aging female body is inevitable climax affecting fertility.This process is completely natural and irreversible.Climax, meaning "step" in Latin - the period of restructuring of the female body, in which the stop menstruating.Typically, this period lasts several years, during which there is a gradual decline in ovarian function - hormone.

40 years after the onset of the ovaries begins to decline the level of healthy eggs and their quality.This reduces the follicles responsible for the production of estrogen - the female sex hormone.Follicles are no longer to mature, and is a violation of the menstrual cycle, in oth

er words - the beginning of menopause.

menopausal women disrupted menstrual cycle, which is accompanied by a variety of unpleasant symptoms.These phenomena are temporary and can not last long without disturbing the normal life of women, and can drastically reduce the quality of life and affect the health of the body.

Climax in different age periods

According to the average data, all the women of the world average age of menopause is the period from 45 to 55 years.Approximately 5% of the female population of regular periods continue after 55 years.However, a considerable number of women beginning menopause accounts for 40 kaletny age.

age during the start of menopause is unique and depends primarily on genetic inheritance.The exceptions are:

  • surgery;
  • taking drugs that affect the production of estrogen;
  • chronic diseases;
  • bad habits.

early menopause and its symptoms

main cause of early menopause, begins at forty women or earlier, it is heredity, that is, if the next of kin as the climax came early.During this period, the patient experienced severe and prolonged menopause.

Early menopause is characterized by the absence of menstruation for at least a year.Reasons other than heredity can be:

  • reduction in developing oocytes;
  • surgery on the ovaries;
  • thyroid disease;
  • radiotherapy;
  • stress;
  • smoking.

Before the start of menopause perimenopause begins, lasting 2-6 years, each woman individually.The main feature of early menopause - delay menstruation, passing in their absence.During this period, the accumulation of eggs in the ovaries completely exhausted.Therefore, monthly ovulation and during early menopause are still possible.

addition to the termination of the monthly early menopause is characterized by such symptoms:

  • tides;
  • decrease in efficiency;
  • dizziness;
  • memory impairment;
  • high blood pressure;
  • mood swings;
  • heartbeat;
  • deterioration of sleep.

In addition, during this period a woman may experience vaginal dryness, urination disorders, sexual problems, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, osteoporosis and others. Women may appear premature wrinkles, age spots, fat, changing the shape of the breast.Furthermore, it may develop type 2 diabetes, breast tumors.

Normal menopause: symptoms

In normal menopause (average age 50) a woman is experiencing hot flushes, night sweats.It throws into a fever, red face, neck, body.At this time the body temperature can be improved.The pulse quickens, there is a heartbeat, disturbed sleep.It may disturb the feeling of tingling in the limbs, numbness, tingling feeling.

Also a woman may experience muscle pain, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety.Sometimes there is shortness of breath, headache without cause.

Late menopause: how to distinguish?

If menopause occurs at age 55, he called late.This happens more frequently in the active women who have had multiple births, especially after the age of 30 years.In the event of a late menopause prolongs youth, pulls back the development of osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, lasts longer beautiful figure.

On the negative late menopause are risk of developing ovarian tumors and breast, as well as the possibility of pregnancy.

exact age of menopause could not identify any one doctor, each of the women during this period comes and flows individually.