Products that increase estrogen in women

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 April 2016

Trying to look beautiful, most women especially tend to forget that beauty is, above all, the women must come from within, and only then it will be visible externally!Unfortunately, this is not just words, but real facts of life, because no one woman who was not very strong, look good simply can not!

First of all, the good health of the woman suggests the "right" hormones and one of the most important groups of female hormones, "responsible" for the beauty, can be considered a so-called estrogen produced by the ovaries.

What are estrogens?

Any group of hormones primarily provides the body with specific functions, for example, estrogens are responsible for female sexuality, normal reproductive function, respectively, can be said to appeal and the natural beauty of women.

It is due to the presence of estrogen a woman's so tempting, "giggle", have large breasts, and in some places attractive rounded shape.Well, is not that great ?!All well and good, except that once the level of estrogen in a woman's

body begins to decline, it all disappears much!

result of lower estrogen in a woman's body

Reduced estrogen levels do not remain unnoticed.The first is, of course, the appearance of yesterday's beauties - curvy shapes suddenly become "flabby", noticed a sharp weight gain.The woman no longer feel sexually attractive, and everything becomes uninteresting, because the sensitivity, and especially sexual rapidly declining.

gaining momentum mental disorders, depression, internal fears and, as a rule, self-doubt and the future.A woman stops to pay attention to their appearance, more and more quickly get tired and become uninteresting, even to herself.

This state is really a few terrifying, but only a clever woman at a time realizes that frustrated and limp it's time!The fact that the amount of estrogen in the female body can be increased independently and "Hurrah!" Hormone "youth" will do the trick!

How to increase the level of female estrogen?

today to increase the level of estrogen is easy enough to see a specialist, and you will be recommended a list of essential drugs.Only now most of us understand that it is best to get all the necessary materials more natural way, such as using food.

foods and herbs that can increase the level of female estrogen

Plant hormones estrogen found in quite a large number of plants and food, so if you use them in the right quantity, hormonal fund is quite possible to normalize.


Any kind of legumes other than those produced by genetically modified differ containing estrogen.This is primarily lentils, soybeans, although it is not recommended to consume in large quantities, green peas, beans and kidney beans.

flax seed, sunflower and sesame seeds

employed in any form of flax seeds, sesame or sunflower have on the female body a good estrogenic activity.Therefore, the seeds of these crops grind used entirely in the manufacture of beverages, cereals, homemade cakes.Thus, a day is sufficient to use about two large spoonfuls of any seeds or may all simultaneously.


particular function in terms of enriching the body estrogen perform bran.That is why most doctors are often advised to include in your diet bran bread and even drink a glass of water to which are added about 50 grams of bran.

Coffee and coffee drinks

different estrogen and coffee.However, excessive consumption of coffee drinks leads to the fact that estrogen levels dramatically increased, which is also not good.Therefore, with such drinks need to be especially careful, because the excess of these hormones leads to fullness, and lose weight at an elevated estrogen is much more difficult!


differ containing estrogen and apricots (in any form), except that the doctors do not recommend to use them only in order to increase estrogen, as most of the food is already crammed with such additives, and to determine their own desired number of eaten fruit impossible.Therefore, eat apricots "when it wanted", without exceeding their desires.


leaders - ginseng, chamomile, hops, licorice, sage and others.