How to stop bleeding hemorrhoids?

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11 April 2016

One of the main problems for patients with hemorrhoids can be called bleeding.The appearance of blood on underwear or toilet paper - a sign of entering into a common symptom of the disease.Avoid significant blood loss and help keep the expiry of a number of activities and preparations.Consider the options of care that are allowed in the home.

cold water and ice from bleeding hemorrhoids

A simple tool that can help reduce blood loss, is washing away the cold water.It is important to limit the place of cold water hitting the anal area.Podmyvanii should not be long, otherwise you may provoke inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.The jet must not be strong.Here it is important the water temperature.To work punctually, it is best to use an ice cube, which is applied to the anus through cheesecloth.You can also make a compress of ice and water, filling their tight package.

rectal suppositories for bleeding

When cleaning the cold water did not produce the effect, maybe it's time to move on to more

serious drugs.One of the most high-speed options become rectal suppositories.

Types suppositories:

  1. phenylephrine.Candles with the analogue of adrenaline has a vasoconstrictor effect, helping to lower the blood loss.Produced under the name of Relief.
  2. Propolis.Tool on a natural basis, has wound-healing properties and normalizes the process of blood clotting.
  3. Anuzol.It has astringent and antispasmodic effect, and stops the opened hemorrhoidal bleeding.It consists of an extract of the leaves of belladonna and bismuth preparations.
  4. Methyluracil.It stops bleeding and promotes tissue regeneration, preventing relapses.
  5. Seabuckthorn.Candles with this natural ingredient is not only cease the issue, but also has antibacterial properties and activate regenerative processes.

enemas with hemorrhoidal bleeding

addition to candles, modern medicine offers to do an enema and microclysters.This not only promotes tissue regeneration, but also liquefied stool by preventing the occurrence of cracks and breaks new vessels hemorrhoids.

solutions for enemas:

  • hydrogen peroxide (250-300 ml add 1 ch. L. Peroxide of 3%, and for one quarter of the resulting procedures are used amounts);
  • tannin 1% (the patient after the procedure is recommended to lay down and apply an ice compress to the abdomen);
  • herbal preparations (decoctions of calendula, chamomile, blueberry, yarrow and wheat grass root).

Broth and other folk remedies are used not only for enemas.They are used for lotions.In certain dosages and taking them inside.

Preparations official medicine

as ambulances during heavy bleeding and systemic use styptic.Administered either by injection or orally.You can call some of the most famous and venotonic vasoconstrictors: Adrokson, Vikasol, Dicynonum, proctitis-glivenol, Etamsylate.The dosages are controlled by a doctor and are selected exclusively individually.It is important to take into account the anthropometric characteristics and history of the patient in the preparation of the treatment regimen.When therapy is chosen, you can use these tools at home.

Hemostatic sponge in bleeding

modern and convenient means of stopping expiration are collagen sponges.They contain a combination of furatsilina and boric acid, which allow to start the process of regeneration.Moreover, the sponge covers vessels inflated from incoming blood.This tool has a healing and antimicrobial action.For external hemorrhoids is applied as a compress.Internal hemorrhoids requires the introduction into the anus, but it is not necessary to remove because all components of the sponge absorbed.

All these methods allow fast enough to stop outflow from hemorrhoids.However, it should be remembered that the use of any means in the unknown etiology of bleeding can lead to complications of the underlying disease.It is therefore important to coordinate any treatment with your doctor.But even if we managed to stop the bleeding, you should seek help for the subsequent treatment of hemorrhoids.