The effects of stress on human health

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 April 2016

can boast of good health and the ability to withstand any disease as much as necessary, but that never in my life did not experience the stress ?!These people just do not happen!Negativity, conflicts, reasons for the nervous strain in modern life, alas, abound.A stress - it is a natural reaction to such factors.

all know the negative effects of stress on health both mental and physiological.No wonder they say that all diseases arise from nerves, but what exactly it might appear?

Psychoemotional state

splash of negative emotions, regardless of the causes of it, introduces an imbalance in the usual measured way of life.Stress affects a person's behavior in society are reflected in his mental capacity, lower performance.With isolated cases the body can handle.In this case, stress is not so dangerous and serious consequences not lead.But if nervous stress lasts for a long time, people are constantly under stress, it can cause a variety of psycho-emotional disorders, and neurological disorders.

usual consequences of suffering a stress are:

  • depression;
  • imbalance;
  • unexplainable mood swings;
  • depression;
  • neuroses;
  • emotional instability;
  • memory impairment, deterioration of attention;
  • anger;
  • fatigue.

In such a state of quality of life deteriorates significantly.Simply put, to live it becomes much more difficult, as any action is given with great difficulty and requires incredible mental strength.Often, on the background of suffering a stress may occur insomnia, irritability, intolerance, aggression.

most disappointing post-stress condition - severe prolonged depression, apathy to everything around him.The consequence could be a complete loss of interest in life, suicidal behavior, obsessive thoughts of suicide.

Stress and physical health

Anyway, the stress causes a temporary disruption of the central nervous system and the brain.And because all the systems and organs in the human body are interrelated, it can not affect his physical health.That is why stress is referred to as one of the main causes or worsening of a huge number of somatic diseases.The most frequent are its consequences:

  • Headaches.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • irregular heartbeat.
  • aggravation of hypertension.
  • stroke, heart attack.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Diseases of the digestive system.
  • immunocompromised, low resistance to viral, bacterial, and infectious diseases.
  • muscular dystrophy.
  • probability of cell tissue degeneration of the brain and spinal cord.
  • increased risk of cancers of various etiologies and others.

most often because of the stresses of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, angina, etc.), And gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers).But on the other systems of the strong nervous stress also affect negatively.This is due to the fact that in times of stress in excessive quantities produced hormones necessary for normal functioning of the body.As a result of hormonal regulation goes out of control, causing reactions that trigger the emergence of ailments, the occurrence of certain diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

For example, elevated levels of glucocorticoids cause rapid breakdown of proteins and nucleic acids.Result deficiency of these substances - muscular dystrophy.In addition, high concentrations of glucocorticoids in the body hinders the absorption of calcium by bone tissues, so that their structure is changing, becoming more porous, brittle.Stress - is one of the most likely causes of such widespread nowadays diseases like osteoporosis.

Hormonal disorders caused by stress, and are reflected on the condition of the skin.The excess of some and the lack of other hormones hinder the growth of fibroblasts.These structural changes are the cause thinning of the skin, resulting in it becoming light defect, reduced ability to heal wounds.

negative consequences of increased content in the body of stress hormones in excess of permissible limits, do not end there.Among the most dangerous - stunted growth, cell destruction spinal cord and brain, decreased synthesis of insulin, development of neoplastic processes, cancer.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion should be the same: stress - a very dangerous condition, which entails serious consequences, both for physical and for mental health!Therefore, we must try by all means to avoid stressful situations, emotional tension, depression.