Dracaena fringed

By Admin | Magic Plants
14 April 2016
second name of this plant - dragon tree.Dracaena bordered - the most unpretentious among dracaena - reaches a height of 2 m, but growing slowly.Her slim graceful stems and tender green leaves (up to 40 cm), but the edges decorated with red and cream stripes.
growth temperature of Dracaena at least 13 ° C and in an ideal - about 20 ° C.The plant needs good ventilation, but absolutely does not tolerate drafts.
the winter dracaena bordered tolerates direct sunlight, but in the summer needs pritenenii.Bright, but scattered sunlight is needed for the plant primarily to save the picture on the leaves.
In growth dratsenu watered abundantly.In winter, especially at low temperature, the amount of irrigation is reduced.
Like all dracaena, this plant likes high humidity.Pot set on the tray with expanded clay balls (especially during growth), and the leaves are sprayed regularly, allowing them to dry completely in diffuse sunlight.
In growth dragon tree
weekly feed respective fertilizer for houseplants.
too overgrown Dracaena spring transplanted into a mixture of equal parts of turf soil, humus and sand.To improve the drainage in the soil usually add a little coarse sand.
to great effect in a large pot can be planted a few copies of various sizes.
Problems and Solutions:
sharp dropping of leaves cause drafts,water shortages or lack of humidity.
Leaf Blight. pale brown spots with purple border on the leaves of dracaena point to fungal diseases.Damaged leaves are cut off and the plant is treated with a fungicide containing benomyl.