Brussels sprouts during pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
07 April 2016

the expectant mother needs to receive a high amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.All this is enriched with brussels sprouts.How useful is this vegetable for pregnant women?

Brussels sprouts and pregnancy

Experts say that regular consumption of Brussels sprouts have a positive impact on the body of any person.Expectant mothers in this regard - is no exception.This vegetable has a huge amount of vitamin K, which is responsible for bone strength.It neutralizes the vitamin inflammation occurring in the body.

Brussels sprouts rich in vitamin C, or ascorbic acid.Its combination with other micronutrients contained in this vegetable can significantly improve the workings of the human body.Expectant mothers suffering from high blood pressure, you just need to include brussel sprouts in your diet.

no secret that during gestation the baby is broken index of water balance in the body.This is the responsibility of such minerals, such as magnesium, which in Brussels sprouts contain a sufficient amount


is important presence in the vegetable folic acid, without the use of which does not take place, no pregnancy.This acid is responsible for the proper development of the fetus for 9 months.If you eat brussels sprouts correctly, it can ensure that the baby who will be born, will be relieved of a number of health problems.They may be related to the nervous system, spina bifida, and so on. D.

Specialists, watching a woman during pregnancy, suggests that folate deficiency among expectant mothers leads to problems with the heart.The disadvantage of this substance leads to the formation of thrombosis.

So, the expectant mother can safely eat brussels sprouts for the benefit of their health.

How to eat Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts can be used in any form - boiled, steamed, baked.It not prohibited during gestation crumbs to eat this vegetable in its raw form.Thus it is necessary to know that the heat treatment of Brussels sprouts leads to a reduction in the amount of nutrients and trace elements.If a pregnant woman wants in her body received the maximum number of these components, you need to deal with salads of this type of cabbage.

Use of this vegetable during pregnancy, not only leads to weight gain due to the low caloric content.If you include brussel sprouts in their menu a couple of times a week, it is possible to achieve the disappearance of the problems associated with the intestines, and hence with a chair.Expectant mothers who while carrying crumbs faced with such a problem, as constipation simply have to pay attention to Brussels sprouts.The effect of purgation is achieved due to the large amount of fiber present in the composition of vegetable.