Pine nuts in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
06 April 2016

in a woman's life after she finds out about her pregnancy, many things change, and, first of all, diet.Reviewing the menu, the expectant mother is constantly asking ourselves the question - is it possible to use any product or not?This also applies to the nuts.It is worth knowing that the pine nuts - a valuable food product, they are suitable for the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women.

Useful properties of pine nuts and their composition

in cedar nuts contain a lot of phosphatide phosphorus, protein, similar in composition and shape of the human, and they present 19 amino acids.All this makes it a unique composition of pine nuts.In addition, these nuts contain microelements (calcium, copper, iodine, zinc, etc.), vitamins (A, C, B-group, E and others), fructose, cellulose, essential oil, starch and other nutrients.

pine nuts are widely used in cosmetics and traditional medicine.They treat diseases of the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary and other systems of the human body.

Pine nuts are very well absorbed.According to the content of protein, they can be compared with the meat.Fiber is present in this product, it requires a growing body of the baby.The nuts have antioxidants that are particularly useful to the unborn baby and his mother.These substances also contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.It contains many different trace elements that are needed for a complete formation of all tissues and organs of the fetus.

walnut oil is extracted - it is also very useful during pregnancy.Apply this oil can not only inside, but also externally.With regular rubbing of the skin of the abdomen, flanks and thighs is significantly reduced the risk of stretch marks.The use of cedar oil inside helps prevent constipation and hemorrhoids development - problems faced by many pregnant women.For this oil should take a teaspoon before meals three times.

decoction made from the shells of pine nuts, will help restore the condition of the hair, making it shiny, beautiful and healthy.

useful eat nuts cedar and after the baby is born.They contribute to establishing good lactation.Regular consumption of nuts a nursing mother has a positive effect on child development.Especially recommended to have this product during the eruption of the baby teeth, as in this case, reduced unpleasant and painful sensations.

How much can you eat nuts?

With all the benefits of pine nuts they should not eat in unlimited quantities.It is better not to exceed the norm in 2 large tablespoons nuts kernels per day, the maximum daily dose of oil of pine nuts is about one and a half tablespoons.Choosing oil or nuts, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product.Note that untreated nuts can be stored for much longer than peeled.When used felt bitterness nuclei, it is likely to say that they have deteriorated.Bitter taste may speak and that these nuts are already squeezed oil, and in this case lost most of useful properties.In high-quality pine nuts should be a pleasant smell.The shells must have a dark red or brown, and the touch they should be solid.

possible contraindications

When used cedar nuts during pregnancy need to be aware of their high calorie content.When overweight, obesity or too fast kilograms is set to significantly reduce the amount of consumed nuts or abandon them altogether, at least for a while.The rest of the contraindications for eating cedar nuts women during childbearing not.