Products that increase the progesterone in women

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10 April 2016

Progesterone is a hormone steroid type that is produced by the ovaries in women, the adrenal glands and the placenta during pregnancy.The main functions of this hormone are to prepare the uterus for pregnancy, maintenance of the female body during the period of childbearing, the normalization of the menstrual cycle.The amount of progesterone in the female body is not stable - its output varies with the phase of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.The lack of the hormone can lead to several negative consequences, which will be presented below.

Pathology provoked by a lack of progesterone in women

  • menstrual irregularities, which may be expressed as delays and too frequent menstruation.
  • uterine bleeding etiology not related to the peculiarities of the menstrual cycle.
  • material breach of the outcome of pregnancy - from abortion to the prolonged pregnancy.
  • Difficulty in conceiving a child up to infertility.
  • rough and hardening of the breasts.
  • excessive production of androgens, provoking excess
    ive hair growth and the emergence of other male characters.

By reducing the progesterone is important to take a full course of treatment prescribed by a doctor.In addition, there are several foods that are capable in the use of natural means to raise the level of progesterone.Their eating adequately as maintenance therapy on the background of the basic course of treatment or as a prophylactic, the possibility of reducing the warning level of progesterone.The main list of the products will be presented below.

Rating foods that promote progesterone

  • Dairy.The most useful in this regard fresh milk, which, in general, is shown in women (especially during premenopause, when production of female hormones is greatly reduced).Dairy products contribute to the production of progesterone in addition to estrogen.It is important to note that the products of milk fat and milk in pure form in the structure have already progesterone.However directly from food hormone digested in a small amount.However, getting from the outside progesterone stimulates the hormone production in the body naturally.
  • Animal fats rich in cholesterol.In the first place, it is recommended to eat pork.
  • Fish oil.We must choose sea fish, because its fat is more useful due to the high content of the element 'omega-3'.Of freshwater fish prized as oil and silver carp meat, which is often recommended in the dietary and therapeutic feeding.The best degree of digestibility among the products of this category is fish eggs.
  • Vegetable oils.Can be used both in pure form (e.g., a tablespoon olive oil per day, linseed, sunflower, corn, etc.), and from the source (sunflower, olive, corn, avocado, and so on).
  • Potatoes and other starchy foods also contributes to the level of progesterone in a woman's body.
  • eggs (chicken, quail, etc.).As with dairy products, eggs contain progesterone in pure form.However, it is much smaller than in human milk.
  • Spices promoting stimulation of the endocrine system, and as a result, enhance production of progesterone.The most helpful in this regard turmeric, thyme and oregano.

In general, useful under a reduced level of progesterone food can be divided into four large groups:

  • Products containing natural progesterone.
  • products, is a source of cholesterol.
  • starchy foods.
  • Foods high in vitamin E.

important to keep in mind that it is dangerous not only low levels of progesterone and high levels of this hormone also leads to various pathologies.In this regard it is important to maintain the level of this hormone in normal according to the stage of pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.