Sleep and the best time to sleep

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10 April 2016

Sleep is an important component in human life.It's not a waste of time, and the natural need of a living organism to rest, "charging date" forces (physical and spiritual), as health, beauty, courage, great vitality, enormously productive day at work or at home come, paradoxically, night intime to sleep.

However, in a mad rhythm of life of modern man gets off the internal chronometer, which leads to fatigue, nesobrannosti, irritability and problems in his personal life.Not everyone can say that the cause of their failures!

Get enough sleep - the key to success?

Scientists have long puzzled doctors answer to this question and after the survey and comparison of facts revealed a pattern: the level of success of a person in his career, the personal front, potential life is directly dependent on the time of awakening.It's incredible!As a rule, successful people go to bed in the range of 21-22 hours of the night and wake up to 6 o'clock in the morning.

This interesting fact is the best supports the view o

f some yogis and practices that fruitful functioning of the nervous system, awakening the vital energy of the person begins with the sunrise, when all nature is awakening, and the man is an integral part of it.

sleep phase: what are the medical terms?

In science divide two phases of sleep - fast, slow.The phases are constantly changing throughout a night's rest, observed 4-5 tirazovaya cyclical (phase change).

The first is the sleep that lasts no more than 20 minutes.In total, per night, you can count a couple of hours.It is designed specifically for the recovery of the central nervous system.The man who wakes up in the morning at this time, I feel more cheerful, energetic, full of energy, "ready to move mountains."There

scientific justification to this fact: in this period increased electrical activity of the brain in which there is sorting, optimization of information accumulated over the previous day.In this phase, usually in the morning in the last cycle, when the brain is completely recovered, man dreams, and bright, catchy.

Then after a quick comes the second phase of sleep, which lasts about 2 hours.At this time carried out the restoration and regeneration of every cell of a living organism.If unconsciously wake up in this period, then the feeling of lethargy, fatigue, "weakness" will accompany a person throughout the day.

productive sleep, what is it?

productive essence of sleep is the effective use of REM sleep.There are several methods:

  • ladder.In this method need to sleep several times during the day and 20 minutes, then at night sleep reduced for 4 hours.
  • Siesta.The technique is to sleep during the day exactly 20 minutes, it is necessary to set an alarm for that time.If you sleep longer on this efficiency is reduced, resulting in the opposite effect.With proper organization of sleep at night is reduced for 2 hours.
  • high-tech.The latest technologies have created a smart alarm clock that determines how much you need to get the man.A special program analyzes, how many will be cycles and time to recovery, which is very convenient, since a person can not program yourself for the awakening of the unconscious is in a rapid phase.

Such methods can be applied creative people, or office workers loose after lunch, because after sleep (rapid phase - 20 minutes) improves the ability to remember new information.Do not forget about the need to walk in the fresh air!

Proper organization of sleep

There is a set of measures that need to know the correct organization of sleep:

  1. Ventilate the room the room before going to bed, desirable short walk in the fresh air.
  2. recommended food intake in small amounts for 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  3. not take a contrast cool shower before going to bed, it is advisable to do a bath of warm water and sea salt for relaxation of the body.Not Recommended
  4. watching TV, movies, listening to music before going to bed active.This leads to irritation of the nervous system.

person needs sleep as air or water, because thanks to him, the person remains alert, cheerful, energetic, ready to "move mountains".Only with the correct use of their time and hard work a person becomes successful.It is therefore desirable not to waste their lives in extra hours in the beds in the morning.