How to choose glasses for the driver?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 April 2016

view of the driver when traveling through the city by car is constantly exposed to light, resulting in fatigue.This often provokes the deterioration of vision, the development of eye diseases, and of course, emergency situations.So before you get behind the wheel, the person must be well rested.Also, considerable importance is the driver's seat.It should be comfortable, well-equipped and do not hamper movement.Do not neglect and glasses, with which you can relieve tension and improve the visibility of the presence of any visual defects.

Note that the choice of points must be approached responsibly.This points to the driver to choose more difficult than usual.The thing is that they should be not only beautiful, but also meet the necessary requirements.Only in this case you can be sure that they are safe and will not do you any harm.

Design frames

Somehow many of us, in spite of the favorite actors, trying to imitate them, buying the same things as them.An exception are not and glasses.But do not for

get that you need them, not only for beauty but also for comfort.So in any case do not buy the product, with massive frames, as they are not safe driving "iron horse."It is best to opt for "The Aviator", which are renowned for convenience and narrow arches.

Do not go to extremes and buy too narrow, or, on the contrary, a free frame, as in the first case, it will reap, and the second - to fall, causing irritation and distracting from the most important at the moment training - driving.


lenses should be made of soft materials.The ideal solution would be the plastic polycarbonate.They perfectly protect mesh eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation and, most importantly, upon impact shall not be broken.Considerable importance has a special coating, after unsuccessfully chosen color significantly affects the perception - the driver does not see the signs of traffic, road surface, auxiliary signs, and so on. D.

Numerous studies have shown that the best are sunglasses with gray, brown or green.As for the pink, blue and red colors, they absolutely are not suitable for driving cars as much distorted color reproduction, resulting in serious problems.


skylights affect the peripheral vision.If they are bad, then to look to the side or on the side mirror, you have to turn your head.This is known to be distracted from the road and increases the accident on the road.

Polarized lenses

This is perhaps one of the best options for drivers.They are ideal for both women and men.Are in high demand due to the fact that the great block glare, fend off shiny surfaces, such as water surface, sun, snow, and so on. D. They are suitable even in heavy fog.

To check polarizing lenses, just look through them to other points.If turned ninety degrees, glass products, to which you refer, will seem dark, the good and the product is really worth your attention.The most popular companies that specialize in this product are Polaroid, Cucci, Ray Ban and Armani.However, this is not an exhaustive list and there are a number of other companies that offer not huzhie glasses at affordable prices.

And finally, remember, before you pay for your favorite product, be sure to pay attention to the quality mark.Compliance with European standards is marked with a special sign "CE".Also plays an important role and the degree of UV protection.What is more, the better to protect your eyes.