Magic Breath flower

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 April 2016
Can plants be treated?Of course.Since time immemorial, people have been doing infusions and decoctions of herbs that can heal many diseases.But other than that there are plants and one is a very useful feature - it is their healing breath.

Plants breathe, too.But not the way we, the people, with the help of light, and through the small pores in the leaves.True, they all going the opposite: they breathe in carbon dioxide and then through the pores breathe out oxygen, so necessary for all of us.

And more plants absorb a lot of other substances detrimental effect on humans.The smoking room, for example, in the air all the time present a pair of nicotine and tars.Sheets of absorbing harmful substances, which are then processed by microorganisms in the roots, thus noxious elements become harmless.Each plant has its own stock of microorganisms.Some plants absorb formaldehyde, others - the harmful benzene, and others feed us positive energy.Today we tell you about the beneficial properties of some
Messenger happiness potted rose
Intuitively many people guessed that now scientifically proven: onewho live and work near the plants become calmer and happier.Take, for example, potted rose.This beautiful flower is not only pleasing to the eye but also improves mood and elevates mood.Especially sharply its impact felt in the flowering period: Rose exudes subtle vibes positive energy, making you forget all the troubles.

Amulet dreamers: delicate orchid

This plant with a unique light.Those who have often admired orchid, feeling a surge of vitality, become erotic and confident.Orchid - flower of dreamers.Romantic nature in awe of her, and often all the window sills lined with such people pots with orchids.

creative spirit awakens bamboo

It is useful for people of art, because it is the creative energy of the battery.Even the ancient sages have argued that the plant awakens hidden talents, helps to better reveal a person's ability, sharpens intuition.Besides, bamboo room quickly relieves stress, encourages decisive action.Sit next to the plant a few minutes, take a deep breath, relax, and you will feel filled with new forces.After such a relaxing session you become fitter.

Jack of all trades: Ficus benjamina

It is a good plant for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and peoplewho often have a headache and weakened immune system.Ficus Benjamin is also called the "universal indoor cleaners."It absorbs such substance harmful to humans, such as formaldehyde and ammonia.Near Ficus benjamina breathe incredibly easy and free.If the room is very hot and it rarely ventilated, place it Ficus: you will feel how much will be fresh.In addition, the plant also works as a kind of mini-vacuum cleaner.This is especially noticeable in those rooms where a lot of electronic equipment (because of the fans, they suck a lot of dust), as well as carpets and soft furnishings.This green "swallowers dust" is necessary from time to time to wash in the shower or stand in the rain, on this, he will be even better "work."

good mood from the dragon's blood tree
call it that because of the unusual greenish-yellow leaves.For this plant is easy to care for, it feels good even in a darkened room.Dragon tree is suitable not only for home but also for the work premises.Firstly, it will decorate the office, and secondly absorb toluene, xylene and benzene - substances that saturated the air next to the computers and copier.It is believed that the dragon tree inspires a man self-confidence, helps to fight apathy, sad thoughts and envy.

openwork lace handsome ivy

This evergreen plant thrives even in the winter in unheated rooms.Ivy will any decor: its long stems are woven into intricate patterns and elegant look.The plant absorbs the nicotine, so it is recommended to place where a lot of smoke.

be always on our toes helps aloe

Its juice has unique properties, only a few drops will cure the common cold and disinfect the wound.Aloe kills fungi and microbes, so it juice used in medicine and in cosmetics.

Wonder transformation Chlorophytum

In many countries, this plant is grown for more than 200 years.It is not surprising, because the little wizard chlorophytum works wonders.By turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, it reduces fatigue and increases efficiency.It works better than any expensive air conditioning, improving the indoor climate.Chlorophytum very original looks in pots on the wall: it stems hanging down like a green spider with long hairy legs.