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08 April 2016

syndrome vascular dystonia (VVD) doctors diagnose almost half the population.When IRR person may suffer from headaches, unexplained pressure surges, outages heart, and many other ailments.If the inspection reveals no organic disorders, to effectively help with the illness may osteopath.

root cause of VSD - violation of vascular regulation.This is reflected in the fact that the reaction vessels on the external and internal exposure becomes inadequate.For example, the sudden rising dizzy and dark eyes.The fact that the receptacles properly react to changes in the position of the body and the brain receives less oxygen.In repose inadequate vasodilation leads to low blood pressure and excessive restriction - to increase.

Two reasons disorders

incorrect commands vessels may occur against the backdrop of various injuries and some infectious diseases that cause the voltage of the dura mater.This compressed brain tissue that provokes disorders of the autonomic regulation of the center.
malfunction regulatory mechanisms may also lead distortion of the right teams in the course of their transmission to the vessels.

osteopath explores and identifies the patient's body, at what level and where there was a failure.Using certain techniques, specialist relieves tension and spasms, restoring the adequate management of the vascular system.Relevant symptoms VSD gradually disappear, and the patient gets rid of the pain.Let us consider how osteopaths help in the fight against one of the characteristic and highly unpleasant symptoms VSD- painful menstruation (algomenoreya).

Trouble "critical days"

algomenoreya affecting millions of women.Very often these young girls are experiencing pain during hormonal changes in the body.Osteopathic Practice shows that the cause of algomenoree usually are spasms of the blood vessels supplying the cervix.Spasm of various internal and external reasons, the muscles and tissues do not receive adequate nutrition, which is manifested by pain.

example, lung spasms can cause cervical cancer, even reckless action gynecologist at survey.With the help of osteopathic methods, these problems can be easily removed.
algomenoreya But most young girls due to stable violation of vascular regulation - a characteristic feature of the syndrome IRR.The cause of these disorders are often long forgotten in the past does not manifest itself trauma - birth, cranial, coccyx and others.

Take preventive

Osteopathy, of course, it is not a panacea and does not exclude conventional medical treatments and diagnostics.However, it provides an excellent opportunity for the prevention of various diseases and is often an alternative to surgery.Osteopath is able to identify and correct mikropatologii, which can then lead to a very serious illness.