Himself medic

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 April 2016
you certainly useful tips for first aid:
If you are bitten by a wasp or bee , and you do not have first-aid kits, grease bitten gray place out of the ear.
against fungal diseases and colored depriving helps morning walking barefoot in the dew within 2 weeks.Legs without wipe and allow to dry.
If you have swelling in your legs - drink a decoction of flaxseed.To do this, take 4 tablespoons of seeds per liter of water.Boil for 10-15 minutes, then close the pan and put in a warm place.Insist hour - you can not percolate.For a taste you can add lemon or fruit juice.Drink polstakana 2 hours 6-8 times per day.The result is achieved in 2-3 weeks.It is advisable to drink hot.
toothache rescue root of plantain - put it in the ear on the side where the tooth aches, and hold until the disappearance of pain - is usually enough for this 30 minutes.
If you are concerned about eye disease conjunctivitis - several times a day, or at least morning and evenin
g imposes on closed eyelids cheese to room temperature, and after 15 minutes rinse with water, sweetened with honey.
If you have chapped lips - gently massage them with a soft toothbrush, and then lubricate them with honey.After 10 minutes, Slugs is sweet medicine.
To stop bleeding from wounds use fresh crushed leaves of Plantago major.
From help get rid of cellulite rubdown with sea salt, if you do them regularly.Sprinkle with salt crystals wet brush with natural bristles and vigorously rub your hips upwards.