Antibiotic and herbal medicine

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 April 2016

word "antibiotic" (anti - against bio - life) means "against life."I really do not like antibiotics, although aware that any method, including and herbal medicine, there are limits.There is an urgent condition when no antibiotics can not do, and we must accept them as they are a much more acute.

But even after taking antibiotics, you should not forget about herbal medicine - take along with antibiotics and infusions of herbs that you are absolutely right and do.In addition to the herbs, which you write, against drug treatment is good to take herbs such as raspberry, lime, licorice, black currant leaves, lobaznik, birch leaves (the last two herbs are valuable soft diuretic).These herbs and charges of these will have a harmonizing effect on the body is unbalanced.Herbal medicine acts on the receptor level, helps to restore the sensitivity of receptors of cells that are blocked by antibiotics.

surgery at the Institute of Problems of RAS in Moscow, a number of critically ill patients after surgery w
as added to the treatment of herbal medicine.These patients got better much faster, and they are much rarer case of complications than patients who did not receive further treatment phytotherapy.
So even in case of emergency herbal medicine have to be used.