Treat the kid magic words

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 April 2016

• Teach your child at bedtime to say plot that drives the illness and gives a smooth, restful sleep: "I lay down in bed, on the flank turn and not afraid of anyone.Mother of God to me that the Mother, then me. "

• Do I have a collection of very effective plot angina.Read it to be 3 times in the morning, evening and next morning.After each reading the patient should swallow saliva, and if the child is treated, then swallow him: "willow, willow, take up your swallowing!And if you do not take it, we swallow it with the roots.Amen.Amen.Amen. "Children conspiracies can be treated and non-Christian, as they sinless angels.

• Wash the newborn has always been considered a special ceremony.There are plots that can protect the baby from illness and, and from the evil eye.Read them at the moment when the mother effusions baby clean water.Here's one: "Gogol water with the baby ... (name) all thinness.The water under the floor, the baby on the floor. "

• Infant cry sometimes not simply indicates feel u
nwell child, but also the causes of various troubles and pain.Every mother knows a lot of tricks to calm the crying of the child choking.Do not neglect and those magic words: "Dawn-zaryanitsa, fair maiden, Take on the baby (name) cry, and let him calm down."In the village, you can bring a child into the chicken coop and there read the following words of the conspiracy: "Chickens are white, sulfur hens, chickens colorful, take on the baby (name) cry and let it nekrik."
It is hardly necessary to explain how painful and unpleasant illness, which carries with it suffering.Any mother would do anything for the sake of your child's recovery.Mobilize all their internal forces, reading simple words conspiracies.Believe in them themselves, make a child believe, and you will see how the disease will begin to recede gradually.Of course, no one can guarantee a complete cure, but to alleviate the suffering you on the shoulder. "