Stomach Ulcer

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05 April 2016

Advises neurologist V.D.Ryzhkov
First peptic ulcer - it is our body's revenge for the negligent attitude to food.Harmful as overly rare and too frequent meals, bad for the digestive tract too hasty meal, and a meal in an environment that is not conducive to digestion.It is necessary to work out a correct diet.I advise you to listen more to your body in a choice of how to diet, and a set of products and dishes that are beneficial for your body.

As a neurologist I want to emphasize that peptic ulcer disease often occurs in connection with stressful situations in our lives.While in an excited state, a person ingests food that gets stuck in the stomach, as strong emotions slow digestion due to spasm.Under the influence of fear, depressed thoughts or feelings of despair decreases the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric motility and the blood supply.On the other hand, fears and conflicts may increase the gastric secretion, which leads to irritation of the gastric mucosa, and eve
ntually to the emergence of ulcers.

Examine yourself, your character.If you develop acute with little experience of failure, you should change the style of life, after this change, and your character.Rate, which can make the family than help you.Often, ulcerative patient is a carrier of family conflicts.Positive emotions in the family are crucial for treatment of peptic ulcer.

Autogenous training

If a peptic ulcer to restore the normal function of the stomach is useful autogenous training.

• Lie down, take a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax all muscles of the body.

• To relax the facial muscles to breath hard zazhmurte eyes and exhaled immediately relax the facial muscles.

• For deep relaxation of muscles in the arms and shoulders tense first shoulder girdle muscles, then forearms, fingers, and then relax the muscles in the reverse order.

• Relax the muscles of the back as follows.Lift the back, resting on the sacrum and the shoulder blades, inhale.Secure this position and then to the free exhalation let the back drop.

• Relax your leg muscles do the analogous exercise for hands: tighten your thigh muscles first, then the lower leg, foot, and then immediately rapidly weaken them in reverse order.

• Feel the warmth in the relaxed hands, if you dip them in a pleasant warm water.This heat spreads through your body.It moves in the stomach, and you feel a pleasant warmth and comfort in the stomach.Then the heat is moving your feet, then it moves up to the head, to the muscles of the face, forehead - they are warm.The feeling of warmth, relaxation, peace of mind is becoming deeper and deeper.

• Now, when the body is relaxed and full of warmth, practice self-suggestion and self-education.

• blurts drawl myself (drawled, pulling vowels) the following words: "My stomach is working well.Juice stand out in sufficient numbers.The food I ate (a), tasty and calorie.The food is digested properly.I feel a pleasant feeling. "

• Mentally pronouncing these words, stroking her stomach.

During autogenous should not fix itself on the fact that you have a peptic ulcer.The duration of treatment 10 min.Spending should be once a day, after meals for 10-15 days, then take a three-week break.In the future, after a meal, let yourself rest in the same position in which you usually spend sessions of autogenic training, and your achievements will do work on your health.