Green medicine

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04 April 2016
grass to help, you need not only to believe in their magic power, but also the right to collect, store and prepare.Learn to use the healing properties of nature!

For centuries our ancestors have helped themselves by using the most simple natural remedies.Our great-grandmother kept and passed on to children the best recipes of all that can be found in the forest, in the field and on their own garden.They certainly knew how to use the mysterious power plants.Over time, synthetic drugs ousted roots and herbs.Today, the story took another turn and coming to the pharmacy, you will often prefer the drug, which is based on medicinal plants.Try to make a decoction own!It is a snap.But do not forget that home remedies, even the most reliable, with protracted chronic diseases can not replace a doctor.Be sure to visit a specialist - any good doctor will support your desire to use natural products.

choosing herbal remedies, you can safely use plants that are sold in pharmacies.They are grown on plantat
ions and good that are special radiological control.If you love yourself and you know how to gather herbs, combine business with pleasure and become a real quack!

when to collect medicinal herbs
Some plants
most suitable period
At the beginning of the full flowering in the dry days, around noon
During the full development of the morning, with no dew or rain
Once a plant bud and seeds ripen
(without root)
Before flowering
late autumn or early spring (dig up, leaving part of the root in the ground)
Early in the spring during wet weather (best with young branches and stumps of cut trees)

How to collect

Deciding to gather herbs yourself, remember that you should not plucktheir near roads and in the fields, where fertilizer use or preparations for spraying.Herbs, torn in places, absorb harmful chemicals and drugs from turning into poison.
• Collect only healthy plants.
• Do not engage in the collection of grass on a rainy or foggy day.
• If for medical purposes you need flowers or leaves, do not peel off the whole plant.Leave it to grow, and reproduce.
• Immediately sort the different types of plants, so you do not make a mistake.
• Harvested grass put in the basket, you can use wicker or paper bag.Foil bags and cellophane are not suitable: while you will take the plant home, they can start to rot.
Never collect more plants than you can handle.

How to dry

Proceed to drying immediately after you have collected grass.- Your task is to remove moisture from the plants.The quality of natural products is higher, the faster the drying.

• Leaves and flowers cleanse the ground (do not wash them!), Spread on the frames, covered with gauze, or on a tray and place in a dry, warm (approximately 33 ° C) shadowed room.For this purpose, perfect ventilated attic or closet.Depending on the thickness of the leaves and petals you have to dry the plants 1 to 2 weeks.
• Shoots tie in small bunches and hang to dry.You can wrap them with paper or gauze.So you protect the plants from dust.In the villages, fragrant bunches of herbs are usually hung from the lintel of the kitchen.
• To get dried seeds, place a tray under the related plants in bunches.When showering seeds, dry them on a tray or in the paper about two weeks.
• Fruits, especially juicy and dried 10-20 hours in a slightly heated oven.Turn them as often as possible.
• root and tubers must be clean and free of fibers.Cut them lengthwise, then - into small pieces and place for 10-20 hours in the oven at a temperature of 50-60 degrees.
dried plants should crunch, but have a green color.If the grass turned brown, then you dry up her and she lost medicinal properties.

types of drugs

use treatment components to help all kinds of herbs extracts: water, alcohol or oil.

Infusions (teas) . Zaleytete boiling water shoots, flowers, leaves, seeds or fruits, after placing them in a glass or enamel bowl.Cover and set aside for a few minutes.Infusion of strain and drink in the form of heat, in small sips.It must be used within days.

broth. most often made from solid parts of plants: roots, bark, seeds.In an enamel or glass dish, pour the grass, the best grinding.Fill it with water, cover and cook over low heat for a few minutes to half an hour (preferably in a water bath).Let stand a few minutes, drain.The broth should be used during the day.

syrups. Cook them from infusion or decoction, mixed with honey.Cook over low heat until thick.Once cool, pour into a bottle of dark glass.Store in the refrigerator.

Juices from raw plants. Chop the grass with a mixer, and then press the mass through a cloth or gauze.Juice drink you must (use) immediately.

Fruit liqueur. grass pour into a large glass jar with a lid.Fill it with vodka or wine in a ratio that is specified in the recipe of the brandy.Set aside for about two weeks.During this time, two times a day shake the jar.Then strain through cheesecloth solution and pour into a bottle of dark glass.Infusion can be stored for two years (after this period it loses its therapeutic properties).She is dosed very carefully - drops, sometimes it is necessary to dilute it with water.

herbal oils. Take them out of the flowers and tender leaves of plants.Closely putting it in a jar, cover with cold oil, close the jar and put in a sunny place.Every day, shake.A month later, strain through cheesecloth and pour into a bottle of dark glass.Faster finished oil hot.Grass pour into a bowl and pour the refractory oil.Then heated in a water bath bowl about three hours.Then strain through cheesecloth and pour into a bottle of dark glass.Do not forget that the herbal oils are for external use only.

masks. in herbal oil, add beeswax, lanolin and petroleum jelly.Heat in a bowl in a water bath until everything is completely dissolved.The mass of cool and transfer to a bank of dark glass.Cook very small portions and store in a cool place.

Medicine. To prepare the medicine you need to mix different kinds of herbal medicines: infusions, decoctions, extracts.

How to store

Once the plant has dried, place it in a container for permanent storage.

• It is best to fit a sealed container made of dark glass or cardboard boxes.
• Avoid dishes made of plastic and metal.Chemicals, which are formed in them, can have a negative effect on the properties of herbs.
on each jar and box sure to affix a label with the name of the plant, the date of collection and the cooking time medication.Keep a special diary, fixing the results of treatment.