Yoga classes

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 April 2016

Yoga is the union of a variety of physical exercises and spiritual practices of Buddhism and Hinduism.If we talk about the importance of yoga for a person, then that physical improvement and psychological care, and spiritual self-cultivation, and other effects.

yoga requires individuals to certain psychological preparation.It should be a pretty deep dive into themselves, their own knowledge of the true needs and desires, discover their true essence, to focus on every movement, every thought in the classroom.

Before you start to exercise, it is important to go through two stages: the pit - a fundamental part of yoga, in which the mind of man is freed from the negative qualities and is configured to accept "virtues" of yoga (this second stage-niyama).Then the man starts to perform static exercises (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and the development of transition to a state of consciousness, called the spiritual, that is,samadhi.

Yoga is not just exercise, but above all - medita
tion, ieimmersing yourself in, observing the reactions of the organism.It is recommended to first learn the principles of meditation techniques, master the basic exercises and then proceed to the selected set of yoga exercises.Explore pose Butterflies, cats, cows, Cobras, Kid Rock and Roll, archer, Deadman, the basic posture of balance and of course, stretching.The systematic implementation of a gym, a person improves endurance of joints and muscles, emotional background, the concentration of the mind.

With a very long time, constantly developed and improved many kinds of gymnastic exercises of yoga, among which everyone will be able to choose the necessary to him.For example, power yoga, yoga for weight reduction, to prevent headaches and migraines, yoga for pregnant women and for children, yoga for the knee joints and the spine, as well as other species.The best way to learn how to do yoga, using all the positive effects of it - is to find an experienced instructor.

All the methods and techniques of yoga focused on psychological and physiological perfection of man, improving the quality of life.Exercising helps a person focus and effective tune to meditation, to come to inner harmony.

understand all the yogas afford anyone.The main thing is for sure and definitely give yourself to understand why, for what purpose, why all this is necessary.Starting the consistently master new levels, follow the instructions of your coach.Otnesshiysya seriously to the study of yoga, you will achieve wonderful success!