About cooked carrots

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 April 2016
Boiled carrots are good raw or vice versa?How better to absorb nutrients from raw carrots or after heat treatment?Carrots contain vitamin A, to be exact - provitamin beta-carotene, which is required to view the normal operation of the immune system.

value of beta-carotene and vitamin A. Carotene plays an important role in protecting cells.Cells rich in carotene longer remain healthy and young.To saturate cells carotene is necessary that the concentration of carotene in the blood reached a fairly high level.Carotene protects cells from free radicals that degrade the cellular structure, causing cell aging and death, i.e.It acts as an antioxidant.Vitamin A have been produced in the body from beta-carotene enzymatically.Vitamin A plays an important role in the immune system, protects the mucous membranes, fights viruses and bacteria, helps to maintain the skin in good shape.When a sufficient amount of vitamin A in the body, it can improve vision.Vitamin A plays an important role in the production of
sex hormones, promotes regeneration processes, iehealing.

What is different from the beta-carotene and vitamin A retinol.Beta-carotene is thermally stable under high temperature, it is not only not destroyed, but is more digestible.The carrot cells contained provitamin A or beta-carotene, and in humans it is converted to vitamin A, mostly in retinol.Colour of carrot yellowish orange precisely due to the large amount of beta-carotene.If a person will consume a large amount of carotenoids, the color will be yellow, this phenomenon is called carotenemia.

Food carrots.Boil the carrots are not necessarily, it can be stewed, baked, steamed.From carrots mashed jam.Carrot marinated, kvass, carrots make healthy vegetable juice.This vegetable can be dried, added to the first and second courses.Vitamin A in the body and is able to accumulate at least, but it is necessary to periodically replenish the stocks.If we add to
carrot cream, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, then beta-carotene be acquired even better, becauseit relates to a fat-soluble vitamins.

If you watch your weight, it is better not to abuse boiled and stewed carrots, becausethey have a high glycemic index, which is dangerous for the figure.High glycemic index indicates that during digestion carrot in our gastrointestinal tract triggers the release of insulin in the blood.If this together with carrots you eat foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, they can be deposited in the body as fat.All useful measure.
Eat right, watch your health and save you a long time youth and beauty.