The harmful genetically modified organisms

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 April 2016
GMOs Since 1974, scientists around the world to talk about how dangerous GMOs.At the present time, many scientists are increasingly sounding the alarm about the negative impact of GMOs on human, based on data from animal studies.We can list the negative aspects of the negative impact of these products on human obesity, food allergies, weakened immunity, which often leads to epidemics.
Unfortunately, GMO products are large and quick profits, which are driven by our producers and entrepreneurs to make a profit.Now all over the world despite the prohibitions official sources used in food genetically oxide modified products.Especially in the lead on this issue the United States.Trying to protect its own population from GMO products, many countries have put labeling on products with GMOs, or to organize the sale of the products at a low price.There are countries that have hosted the territory free of GMO products.But unfortunately innovative technologies run forward and stop this process is impo
ssible.This is the case when humanity comes to their own rakes.
We would like to recall some of the negative effects of human consumption of genetically modified foods.Banned the sale of products which used genetically modified plants resistant to antibiotics.Indeed it can lead to the problem of the treatment of many diseases.Moreover, each insert of a gene in an organism is a mutation.What will we learn human mutation in the future as well as our children suffer from the consumption of GMOs.Already changes are identified in humans consuming GM foods.It is noted that, by crossing different classes of plants or animals entails infertility, such as cross-breeding a horse and a donkey gives us a mule.
GMOs already constitute a danger to future generations of man.Genetically modified plants are resistant to virtually all agricultural chemicals, indicating that the rapid spread of the plants on Earth.In Russia, production of GMOs appeared in the 90s.Despite official restrictions in the use of GMOs genetically modified substances often found in in meat, dairy products, bakery products as well as baby food for young children.The most common is soy.Manufacturers are required to check the level of GMO products, but the check is usually passed on transgenic products are mainly funded by their manufacturers, and it is often sufficient biased.Russia has grown GM crops are officially banned, but at the same time, imports of these products is allowed.
development of market relations in Russia contributed to the spread of GMO products.According to the latest Russian scientists GMO foods lead to the rise of cancer and infertility.Application of new technologies without understanding the consequences of their actions can lead to tragic consequences.